813 Essentials Reviews: Drogotdoe- Demons On My Back.

There comes a time when an artist steps on the scene that pushes the genre or several genres forward. On “Demons On My Back” Drogotdoe is able to push forward the sub genres of Cloud Rap, Trill, and Florida Underground all simultaneously, creating the necessary evolution of the scene.


The opening track “D.O.M.B. Intro” sets the tone of the project. Atmospheric beats with even harder hitting bars. No one rides a beat like Dro, at this point I feel like his flow is untouchable. In the beginning of the verse he has a more up tempo pace but towards the end you get more of a slowed down flow so you are able to fully grasp what Dro is dropping.

“Dropout” has a very cloudy chill vibe to it. One of my favorite things about Dro are all the sports references he makes. Since D.Rose is a favorite of mine I couldn’t help but peep that line.

Well at this point this song is so classic to me. Just the overall structure of “Die For My Respect” is reminiscent of old school cloud rap tracks I fell in love with back in the day that I would randomly find online. But this one just hits different. From the spaced out island vibe beat, to the way Dro switches up his flow throughout the track really sets it apart from the rest.

I really dig the atmospheric beat on “Trappin Hard” it’s a dope juxtaposition to the content and sound of Dro’s voice. It for sure reminds me of some shit that would drop in like 2011, which is a huge compliment.

Tracks like “Only One” featuring Leahskyedoan are what set Dro apart from the rest. From the song concept, to the sung hook from Leahskyedoan reminds me of that song “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li. The slugged out vocals from Dro show off his versatility as an artist. I really dug the introspectiveness of this track. I kind of wish their was a video for this track but I guess I can just make up my own in my head.

“Apartment” is on some big Florida shit man. It just reminds me of those sunny days in Tampa Bay riding around in the whip. Dro has a great energy on this track which just adds to the beat. This for sure is one of my favorite hooks from Dro, from the “I got this shit” part to the “Trappin out the pink apartments” line, Dro is able to paint that visual picture, brining the listener into that Tampa Bay Trill culture.

“Got Em Shook” is like that one two punch after “Apartment”. The airy beat is hard hitting but still allows Dro space to just rip the beat. This track has a bit of a west coast vibe to it.

The project closes out with “Rockstar!” which is just a quick cut. On some tracks it feels like Dro hits you with the bars and then he’s gone. I felt this was a dope way to end out the album. At first your like damn did the track mess up or skip when the beat sort of glitches but it just adds to the esthetic and vibe of the album.

“Demons On My Back” has definitely set the standard as one of the best projects to ever come out of FLA, especially out of the 813 and Tampa Bay Area. This is only the beginning for Dro!

813 Essentials Review: Gat$ & Jxpvtty- 2 Live 2 Robb EP

To go as a companion piece to my 727 Classic Album Reviews, I wanted to shed light on some of the essential projects to come out on the other side of the bridge the 813. I thought what better than to start with a collab project from one of the best lyricist in the entire Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene Gat$ and the most gifted producer to ever come out of the Tampa Bay Area with Jxpvtty behind the boards. On “2 Live 2 Robb EP” Gat$ and Jxpvtty set the standard for 813 Hip Hop.


I am a huge fan of one MC one Producer projects. This allows the producer to craft the world in which the artists paints their picture in. Before this project not to many collab projects of this style existed in the scene.

The production from Jxpvtty on the project reminds me of Owl Pharaoh era Travis Scott but coming from a much more focused placed than those beats. The explosion sounds on the opening track “2K Express” are definitely a vibe and add so much to the beat. Gat$ is one of the best in the game when it comes to bars. His line referencing the film “New Jack City” was a favorite.

I love the tribal drums provided by Jxpvtty on “Immigrant Bread”. The way Gat$ flows on the beat makes it feel like a march through the jungle. I really dug all the money references Gat$ made in his verses, especially all the different ways he said money.

That bass line doe! “Nelly” is on those old school Southern Hip Hop vibes. I love the small hints of the piano towards the middle section of the track. This is probably my favorite beat on the project. The references to band aids and pimp juice bring the song full circle, with all the Nelly references Gat$ sprinkles throughout the track.

“Posse” is on some FLA Trill shit. The slugged out production allows Gat$ to get his message across. This is my favorite hook on the project from Gat$. I feel the more and more I replay this one it is slowly becoming one of my favorite Gat$ tracks.

Despite the project only being four tracks, Gat$ and Jxpvtty raised the bar when it comes to one MC one Producer albums in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene. Be on the look out for more 813 Essential Album reviews coming soon.


After dropping the 813 Hip Hop Classic “Hot Boy Summer” as well as killing every one of his features and launching his own skate brand “PERM$”, Richie Guapo has once again resurrected Trill in the great state of FLA with his follow up “Hot Boy Summer 2”.


After Spaceghostpurrp and the entire Rvdier Klvn kind of broke up the Trill sound sort of left Florida. I feel artists like Richie Guapo, Drogotdoe, and Sunny Fritz are really at the forefront of bringing back that Trill vibe in FLA.

The project starts out with a very nostalgic intro that just reminds me of being at like a cook out, the fire hydrant is broke and everyone is just having a great time.

“Candy Red” was the first single released of the project and its accompanying video is already one of my favorites of the year. I know Guapo did a majority of the production on this project and it really helped define the Trill style and sound he was going for. “Candy Red” is short and sweet.

“Shake Junt” I think is my favorite track off the album. It pays homage to the Trill classics of the past while adding in that 813 flavor that brings a refreshing breath of air to the sound.

“Hot Boy// Icey Boy Freestyle” has Guapo and Outside World Ents Fetti Suo going bar for bar. Suo’s flow is nuts on this one, that “Woo Walk” line was cold af. Guapo’s flow during the middle of the track was one of his best on the album, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him spit that fast but it shows his versatility. The track also references Fetti Suo’s project that Guapo hosted earlier this year.

“Make Actavis Great Again” is one of them ride out tracks. You just want to bump it in your whip with the volume all the way up.

One of my other standout tracks is “Fukkem”! Big shout out to Geechie and the entire Fukk Em Worldwide family. This is definitely the new anthem for the brand.

“Waffle House” is on some big Florida Trill shit mane. The entire Tampa Bay Area is gonna need a video for this one. Guapo did his thing on the hook, having it stuck in my head constantly. Not sure if Guapo made the beat but it’s for sure one of them ones. Topiiic was a nice addition to the track and I really loved his energy. This that late night creeper shit.

I love “Buckhead Freestyle” because I have always felt Trill and Cloud Rap go hand and hand. The beat is definitely on some Cloud shit which is a big vibe for me. The chilled out feel adds to the versatility of the project.

“Drop City” just screams Ybor City video. From the Latin production to having the best Puerto Rican rapper Frankie X on the track it seems like a no brainer to me. The melodic and bilingual verse from Frankie was a dope touch, really brining the song full circle.

“Neighborhood Superstar” was one of the singles released for the album, allowing it to be one of those Summer Anthems for most of us in the Tampa Bay Area. I know for sure we are gonna be jammin this at all the functions. I like how the track has that Tampa Jook vibe to it a little bit.

“Cha Cha ( Stomp Em Out)” featuring Indie Indigo is on some big Tab Rap vibes. The addition of Indigo added to the trippy vibe of the track. Those flutes are hittin doe.

“Wipe Me Down” featuring Big Deusa calls back to the classic Trill Fam joint we all know and love. The beat sort of has a Pierre Bourne vibe to it. No matter what style or sound Guapo can’t miss.

“Drive The Boat” is basically a 3 Headed Goat track. Featuring two of my favorite artists from the 813, Drogotdoe & YZM both bring their flavor to Guapo’s world. Dro kills every verse with one of the best flows in the game, it wouldn’t be a Dro verse without a sports reference. I loved how YZM starts off the track on “demon time”.

“Cam In London” featuring DJ Qeys just reminds me of some late nineties phonk. I love the creep of the beat. This song just makes me wanna throw stacks out front of my crib like I’m Wavy Crockett.

“RIP Bankroll Fresh” was the perfect way to end out the project. This is the ultimate Hot Boy song. This track is an ode to “Life Of A Hot Boy” a classic project from the late Bankroll Fresh.

This project solidifies Richie Guapo’s place at the top of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop landscape. Thank you Guapo for being instrumental in bringing back Trill in FLA.

727 Classics Review: GM- Introducing

Probably my favorite part about the St.Pete Hip Hop scene is the versatility of the artists and the sounds they bring to the city. On “Introducing”, GM brings Boom Bap to the Burg crafting a project that sounds like it’s straight out the 95’.


The East Coast “Boom Bap” sound has always been a favorite of mine and pretty much when I think of traditional Hip Hop that’s the song d that comes to mind. GM the duo comprised of Johnny Adama & Tjaru are two of the only artists this era to craft a project that sounds like it’s straight out of that “Boom Bap” era. Probably the closest thing is “1999” by Joey Bada$$ and the work Griselda is doing as of late.

GM goes over classic beats we all know and love like “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” and “Everything Remains Raw” but makes them feel like their own track bringing a new aspect to the beat. For some of these joints I personally like the GM versions more because I can relate to the 727 vibes.

727 Pioneers

The project starts off with the title track “intro(ducing)” which is a great taste of what’s to come from the project. Johnny and Tjaru fit like a glove over the soul sample beat. Adama & Tjaru are so relatable with their bars.

“Say It” has the duo on their Dirty South shit over the old school Luda beat. Tjaru already had the stoner rap classic “How High” with Crown Marquiss and this is just another example of what the hook master can do.

“Blue Dreams” is on some triumphant shit. The duo goes bar for bar on the track putting on for the set. I really dug the melodic vibes on Tjaru’s verse. GM in the building!

“4 Seasons” reminds me of some shit you just put on in the afternoon while you thinking about your life and day. Johnny’s hook is really dope, and I like how they amp up the beat more for the hook. I like the different approach each MC took with their verses. Johnny’s was more about how he’s gonna reach his goals and make it out the struggle and Tjaru’s verse is sort of dealing with the same concept but from the aspect of dealing with women.

Gang Shit

“Sheesh” really is that, Johnny and Tjaru go brazy over the classic Nas beat, pretty much making the song their own.

“-__- Dead” has the duo over one of my favorite Outkast beats of all time. What I like most about this track is they still are bringing the bars but it’s still on the phonk shit that we have grown accustomed to from the pair. I always love when Adama gets on that pimp shit.

By far my favorite track on the project is “Whatever”. Whenever I hear this track it literally transports me back to the 95’. The video they made back in the day captures that vibe perfectly. If you showed someone this track and they had never heard the Busta version I’m pretty sure they would think it was made back in the day.

“Who You With 2011” is on some shiny suite shit. This one has big “Easy Money” vibes for me.

Adama and Tjaru just know why beats fit them and there are many times while listening to this project where I was just like damn man, this really one of them ones. “Waiting(…..waiting)” is a perfect example of that. I got patients!!

“February 13th” is on some big Tab Rap vibes. The story telling by Adama is some next level shit. I would love to see what he would do with a concept album.

Not sure if they where inspired by the Charles Hamilton track that uses the same beat but that’s instantly what I thought of when I heard it. The melodic hook on “Temptations” was really well done by Tjaru.

You know the homies always gotta throw some West Coast shit on a project since we on the West Side of FLA. “Friday” is some major gang shit. Tjaru’s flow and delivery is untouchable on this one.

“On Your Mark” just blew my mind. Adama and Tjaru over a classic DJ Premier beat is can’t miss. As far as just straight bars I am not sure there is anyone in the entire state fucking with these guys.

Although the duo is at different phases of their artistry now, the boom bap roots are still present in their music today, “Easy Money” is an example of that. This without a doubt is a special project for the city and I would highly recommend everyone going back and checking it out, especially if your a true Hip Hop head. They really are the last 2.

St.Pete Hip Hop Pioneers: DJ Trans, DJ Winn and the Heavyweights/ Heavy Grindaz

When I was a Jit living over on the Northside of St.Pete, one of the first studios I learned about was Guta Sound Studios over on 1st S and 49st right before Mid Penisula.


At the time I was only around 12 but I could just imagine how much history was being made by the legendary DJ Trans & The Heavyweights featuring one of the most important DJs to the 727 the record breaker himself DJ Winn. DJ Trans had been an instrumental figure in the Florida/Miami Bass scene since the mid nineties with hits like “Rideout” that will have the whole club shaking.

DJ Trans & The Heavyweights
Guta Sound Studio

Anytime “Get It Ma Get It” comes on at the club you know asses are gonna shake. In the early to mid 2000s everyone was making that club shit in Florida but know one was throwing it down like that St.Pete Bass.

Heavy Grindaz

Eventually reforming as the Heavy Grindaz. DJ Trans had the clubs shaking once again with “Watch Me Ride”. The crew dominated the Florida mixtape scene during the crucial early years of the St.Pete Hip Hop Scene.

After grinding with his own music DJ Winn became the premier record breaker in the South. If Winn is only spinning your joint if that shit is organic so you know he’s always ahead of the curve. He recently dropped his project “Slim Chance” which is a really motivational project featuring some of the South’s top talents.

I know after 2021 Winn is no longer Djing so if you need him to host your project I highly suggest locking that in now. Everything that DJ Trans, Winn, and the rest of the Heavyweights did is still being felt in the city today and I will always champion them.

Put That On My Set: Burg Day ‘21

Have you ever dreamt of a time when the city of St.Petersburg had its own day dedicated to all the great people that call the 727 home, well now thanks to DJ Don Roc and the entire $lugged $ound$ family we can now call 7/27 “Burg Day”, with this being the inaugural “Burg Day ‘21” held at the BTMVLE Studios.

The inaugural 727 Day 🏕💯🐌🍊
Sluggy the sluggiest

Don Roc has a whole week of events planned for the city from a pool party to a celebrity basketball tournament, but the cornerstone event is the Art & Fashion show going down on 7/27.


The one to thank for putting this all together is DJ Don Rock and the $lugg$. The love they truly have for the city is unmatched and I feel now is the right time for this event to happen with all the dope creators coming together to put on for the 727. Can’t wait to see what tracks Don Roc is spinning m, hopefully we can get a live performance from her as well.


DJ Knox has been holding down the Tampa Bay Area for years now, djing some of the biggest clubs and venues in the whole Bay Area. It seems like a no brainer for him to DJ the inaugural event, bringing that legendary status to the set list.

If I ain’t reppin CLP I’m reppin Zhu

Some of the major collectives in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene will be represented starting off with Zhudaru. I know for sure Acoupstix will be gracing the BTMVLE stage for the first time so I am hype to see him finally perform at the studio. Who knows what other Zhu members pull up but I am sure there will be a few surprises.

$evaw 📸 by Joey Clay
Grabba Gang General

Onlyonetwo will be representing the $evaw Wave$ family. He’s got a busy week ahead of him with his Bday party having later this weekend but either way, any performance from the homie is can’t miss. Hopefully Wrecka is in the building so they can perform that new song they have been teasing.

Pink Lemonade

Sean.MP3 and Pink Lemonade will be performing a futuristic set, repping 40BandCulture. I saw them perform at NLV summer fest and they went brazy, so I could only imagine what they would bring to this set. Can’t wait to see “Stop Talking” performed live.

Got my name off of $lugg Tvlk

Since the event is at home base you know the $lugg$ have got to rep the set. Hopefully we get a full “Good Fellas EP” live performance of the entire project that would be dope. I know the $lugg$ have been at the Zhudio recently so maybe we can get a sneak peek at a new joint.

$lugg Gxd$ II 🏕💯🐌🍊🙏🏽

The highly anticipated “$lugg Gxd$ II” from myself & Cvpi is dropping on 7/27. It would be really dope if we could do a small set to show love to all the legends that put on for the 727 and allow us to do what we do today. We really do this shit because of y’all. Take a $lugged out voyage through the history of St.Pete Hip Hop.

Local Muzik!!!!!!

I personally will be showing love and reppin Local Muzik the entire event but who knows what special guests might pull up to the event. Jit might have a couple surprises up his sleeve.

One of my favorite brands

Some of the biggest brands in the city will be on display at the event. Blxckamir will have a booth set up with their last few collections for sale. The “Self Love” hoodie and sweats are def a vibe.

Baddie Tingzzz
For on and off the court

Baddie Tingzzz will have a booth set up with a few of her latest pieces available for purchase. After all we all know it’s a baddies world.


Fetti Apparel will have a booth up showcasing their latest pieces. The shorts come in various different color ways. The way the Fetti logo hits on the shorts is simple but just enough to make a statement.

21st Century Cowboy

The pop up marathon continues for Cowboy By Takeo. Word on the street is black logo tees featuring red and blue will be available as well as a few of the other pieces you have come accustom to seeing at the last few Cowboy Pop Ups. Now is your chance to pick up some of the pieces you might have missed out on at the previous events. Everyone that wants Cowboy will be able to get Cowboy.

The Armory

The “Fuck Tha Feds” tees are going fast, and with the announcement of a black color way the demand is only gonna go up. Balaclava Boys will also be dropping a new piece as well that might be one of my favorite drops from them so far, this one is super limited so don’t sleep. Gun plushies will also be available so beef up your accessory game with the armory.

Whole Lotta $lugg
Florida Jit

$lugg gear will be available. A fresh batch of $lugg hats are available so don’t sleep, they are definitely a 727 statement piece. Not sure how man FL ID tees are available still but I am quite confident some “Burg Day 21’” merch will be for sale from $lugg.

Rico Painted It

Rico Painted It will be one of the visual artists showcasing his work. I love the themes he usually works in combining hip hop icons with cartoons was a really dope take. This new Tupac piece is the one he will have on display at “Burg Day” so pull up on the homie for sure.

The Abstract
NHO 🏕💯🦂

My brother Raheem the Abstract Poet will have a few of his pieces on display. Raheem is hands down one of my favorite artists in the city and no one is touching him when it comes to the collage work.

Before The Storm Studios on

Before The Storm will also be showcasing their art and clothing at the event. Chad, Laurent, and Raheem all have very different styles but when they form together as BTS Studios they be on some Voltron shit.

With so much dope talent in the building this no doubt will be the biggest event of the year. This being the inaugural event it will be a special one as well as the potential it has to become an annual event honoring and showcasing the 727s brightest and best.


Robert Gallardo is embarking on his biggest project yet, solving homelessness through design with “no more land”.


I am not quite sure if the concept of solving homelessness has been brought up to me in many years or even in my life time. One would think this would be one of the most important achievements to be made in human history so why hasn’t it been done yet. The selfishness of the world I feel is one reason for that but also I feel possibly it has to do with the right minds on board and right technology available.

paraSITE homeless shelters by Michael Rakowitz (1997)

These “paraSITE” homeless shelters took the concept in the right direction. What if you were able to carry around an inflatable shelter via a backpack or even a device that would open it up. If designed with the correct materials this could be the first huge step in fighting the issue. The shelter would have to be able to protect the inhabitant from harsh weather conditions as well as intruders, so I am not sure how practical the inflatable material would be, maybe if it was able to harden after being fully inflated it would be the perfect portable shelter.

Nomadic Furniture by Studio Makkink & Bey

This nomadic furniture by Studio Makkink & Bey also brings up the concept of a portable shelter. The blanket like material would be really help with travel during those cold winter months, also acting as a bed and comforter once fully deconstructed. Since the person is essential wearing the furniture it would be easy to set up shop anywhere you want as long as the material is lightweight. This could also cut down on the amount of items one would have to lug around from place to place, solely focusing on the essentials.

1880s Japanese farmer straw hat, straw rain coat and water carrier.

It is important to look at what techniques from the past worked for past generations to survive. Back in the day the design of your clothes and tools mainly tied into the weather of the region. I am not sure people nowadays would have to use the water carrier and straw materials to survive in the world at this time but it never hurts to get back to the basics when looking for inspiration.

The Hub by Rob Sweere

This almost hammock like shelter designed by Rob Sweere is a step in the right direction. If you could combine the aspects of the paraSITE shelters with this “Hub” shelter you might find the key. The structure of “The Hub” seems to contain that sturdiness needed for harsh conditions but the size could also be a hinderance. Like stated previously if you were able to maybe compact the structure into a smaller device or even piece of furniture it would be much more accessible and travel ready. Also in harsh wind conditions you would have to possibly set up in a different location.

Spring Wind House by auworkshop

This concept for me is taking the idea of the paraSITE shelters to the next level. Possibly if you were able to fully enclose the structure, forming a protective wind orb around the host, this could potentially be the ideal design. Now the only problem would be setting it up without wind or having the proper tools to be able to set up camp.

The concept of homelessness I feel I just something we as a society has just accepted is a part of life instead of trying to give everyone a shelter. Shouldn’t a basic human right be having a place to call your own, even if it’s just a inflatable device that forms around you, it’s still a shelter and better than being out in the cold. This project is a tough task, but I know Rob will surround himself with the best team and the best resources to bring his vision to life. Thank you for bringing this projects to life.

The Whole Jit Fit

To bring their “Florida Jit” fitted collab full circle, the homies at REACH are doing a “Vice City” Pop Up with the man himself Smokepurrp at 305 Kicks, right in time for Rolling Loud Weekend.

Vice City

To go along with the “Florida Jit” fitted cap, REACH unveiled a small companion capsule featuring a “Vice City” tee and shorts to make the complete Jit Fit. I support anything Made In REACH so Jit will definitely be picking up the entire capsule if I can get my hands on it.

Miami Nights

I am trying to beef up the amount of white pieces I have in my wardrobe, so this new “Vice City” tee will fit right in. You can rock this shirt with or without the fitted but the hat makes the complete Jit Fit. This piece is essential for any beach day or summer function.

Limited shorts

The red “Script” shorts from REACH are hands down my favorite shorts I own, and I am sure these new “Vice City” ones will be no different. The black color way and minimalist approach allows these shorts to be rocked with any fit.

FLA Statement Piece

This fitted right here mane is can’t miss. The “Cigar City Champions” is still my fav because that’s what made me first love REACH but being Jit Camp I def need one of these. These caps are essential for any “Florida Jit”.

I personally can’t make it to the Pop Up so hopefully Jit can get his hands on the capsule, but if you happen to be in the 305 for the weekend festivities, I would highly recommend pullin up on my bruthers and show love. Everything is Made In REACH.

I Can Feel It In The Night Air

After the huge success of the Pop up at Another Barely Legal Show, Night Air is gearing up for a Pop Up of their own at The Factory St.Pete on 7/28 from 5 to 9 P.M.

That all around tee is one of them ones

The pieces I am most looking forward to at the pop up are the all around N/A logo print surrounding the entire piece. See on Kid Dre and Flex Winter this is definitely an essential for any supporter of the brand.

Pick a card

The “Deck Of Heart” sweatshirt is definitely gonna be the vibe once winter comes, so stock up now before they gone. My favorite is the red color way.


I also plan on picking up the classic Night Air black hat to go along with my all around logo piece. If the X-Ray tee in the purple color way is available I plan on picking up that one as well. Anytime Night Air uses those 50s style comics on their pieces they have my money, I def love the vibe. Would def like to see a restock on the “Missin The City” drop that piece a favorite, I would love to see it make its way onto a midnight blue tee.

Thriftkiss 🏕💯💋

Thriftkiss will also have a few racks on display with some product available at the pop up. As you can see Landkiss is definitely applying that pressure. I am more looking to stock up on N/A gear but I will for sure scope out some gems at the thrift rack

Bangin on wax

Pretty much any piece featuring the Night Air logo is a must. I would definitely like to see the brand get some more love over in the 727 and I for sure feel this pop up is gonna do that.


Richie Guapo is showing the world how Florida keeps it Trill, with his new brand PERM$ Skateboards.


Skate brands are nothing new to the street wear game but the Trill element Richie Guapo brings to the game, adds a new element to the sub genre. If anyone was gonna make a Trill brand it would have to be Guapo, his EP “Hot Boy Summer” is a FLA Underground Hip Hop classic and is widely recognized with bringing back Trill especially when it comes to FLA.

Feelin like Bam

My personal favorite tee so far is the black tee with that classic PERM$ logo on the front. That purple and gold just hit different on the black. This one is essential for any Tampa Bay Jit on their Trill shit.

That blue hit diff
Candy Paint

The blue on these tees is something I don’t think I’ve quite seen before. It’s got that old school bowling ball look, which definitely adds to the Trill vibe. I also really respect how first and for most this is a skate brand, keeping it true to all three elements that make up the brand Florida, Trill, and skating.

Big 813 shit
Zaza green

I am pretty sure the green color way is sold out at the movement but fingers crossed on a restock. This one has that old school pool table felt material color to it. Reminding me of the classic 8ball and MJG cover. The red on the PERM$ logo just has a different vibe on this piece.

The board match my shirt
White on white

You can never go wrong with a white tee. That purple and gold really shines on this piece. I am trying to beef up my white tee game so this simple PERM$ logo tee might be the latest piece I add to my collection.

Hot Boy Summer 2 otw
Stacked track list

Just in time for the highly anticipated “Hot Boy Summer 2” Guapo is dropping the official tee shirt for the album, featuring the track list on the back. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this historic tee, I am sure once it’s gone it’s gone.

I am really hype that someone else in the Tampa Bay Area really feels as strongly as I do about keeping it Trill. PERM$ is keepin it Trill in the 813 and Prx Jit is holdin it down in the 727. Together both brands are proving FLA can still keep it Trill.