Yung Muji- True Harmony

Following up his massive bilingual hit song “Oyasumi”, Yung Muji teams up with Teen Slug to drop his debut album “True Harmony”.


The intro track “President Muji” sets the tone for the style and sound of the rest of the album. The cloudy and digital sounding production provided by Teen Slug pairs great with Muji’s flow and delivery. I can’t wait to see the visuals for this track, it’s my favorite on the project.

Hitting the listener with back to back pressure “Pearls” is the next joint. I love Muji’s confidence on the track, just flexing on everybody. Teen Slug killed it on the beat adding in that spaced out vibes. The visuals for this track are pretty dope as well so check out the video.

Things get a little more hype on “Right Now” wok others dudes getting mad at Muji for taking their lady. The atmospheric beat and thumping bass from Teen Slug make this one a certified banger.

“Forever” was a nice change of pace after the more braggadocious tracks previously. The vocals from Muji add to the layered beat from Teen Slug.

The beat for “In My Zone” might be my favorite. The “Yung Muji Comeback” is essential. Muji nailed the cloudy vibe of the project but especially on this track. You really feel like your in the clouds smoking with Muji and Slug.

You already know Muji had to do one repping the home town. I really mess with Muji’s rhyme scheme on this joint. He floats over the whimsical beat from Teen Slug. Muji always puts the 813 on his back not only in his music but in his movement. Shout out eightonethree,

Muji hits us with the double time flow on the intergalactic “Starfox”. Fans of the classic Nintendo game with instantly recognize the Fox references. This real red dot music.

The project ends with the more mellow track “Growing”. I feel this track really puts the album into perspective. Coming off such a huge song like “Oyasumi”, who knew what direction Muji was going to go in but he for sure has should growth and solidified himself as the future of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene.

“True Harmony” is one of my favorite projects of the year. From Muji’s presence on the mic to Teen Slug ushering in a new wave of production, I can’t wait to see what the duo has next up their sleeve. You already know it’s Grey Gang.

From Brazil With Love

Tampa’s own online consignment boutique eightonethree has joined forces with Southern Brazilian coffee roasters 4Beans Coffee Co to craft a limited batch of single origin coffee to connect with the community.


Sharing the story of their Brazilian heritage as well as a nod to the brands Florida ties through coffee and a limited run tee, was a really dope way for the brand to connect with the community. Keeping it Tampa, the brand did a pop up at WeVegan Cafe, showcasing the new coffee as well as the latest tee drop.

Check Out The Color Scheme

eightonethree went next level with this coffee inspired tee, featuring the brands logo on the back with the word mark on the front. The orange and coffee tones fit the release and story of the entire drop. I would love to even see some matching shorts or sweats to go along with the drop, just in time for cozy season.

As always eightonethree kills it with the storytelling and experience with each release. Despite being from the 727, I am still able to connect with the Tampa Bay lifestyle presented by the brand without having to be from the 813. I will continue to follow eightonethree as they grow and share more of their experiences through their work and boutique.

REACH For The Cannons

With Ye and Monday Night Football in Champa Bay last Monday, the homies at REACH had to pull up to Ray Jay for another 1 of 1 Buccaneer Capsule, featuring pieces hand picked and dyed in REACH.


All of theses pieces are essential for any Bucs fan but with the colder months on the way I had my eye on a few of the long sleeves or even the one pair of sweats available. The tie dye long sleeve might be my favorite piece of the whole drop. I just love the almost burning sun color vibes on it.

Some of these pieces take it way back, honoring the NFC and Super Bowl Champions from before the GOAT came to town. It was nice to see the brand add in some grey pieces to switch it up from a majority of the red and black Bucs gear.

Double R

At the time of this article I am sure a majority of these pieces are sold out, but take a chance and head over to the shop I am sure they have 1 or 2 still available on the rack, making the perfect gift for any REACH and Buccaneers fan. Everything Is Made In REACH.

PERM$ Is Forever

PERM$ SB, The Trillest Skate Brand in the 813 is back just in time for winter.

PERM$ Is Florida

Kicking off the winter release with the brand new “Have A Nice Day” deck. This is one for the skaters or the PERM$ completest. The PERM$ logo just hits different with the black and gold.

PERM$ Is Tampa Bay

With the cooler months on the horizon this red PERM$ hoodie will be your go to all holiday season. For now the only color way available is red but who knows possibly some other skins will be on the way.

📸 by Raggy47

All the inaugural drop PERM$ tees have been restocked and added to the store. Every color way and size pretty much sold out on the first go around so you definitely don’t wanna sleep on these, once they are gone they are gone.

PERM$ SB continues to define a Trill style and culture not only in the 813 but to the entire Tampa Bay Area. The latest videos and ads are really adding to the vibe and movement PERM$ SB is building in the community. PERM$ IS FOREVER.

Lo-Cost, Lo-Fi, Lo-Brow

Built of the motto “Lo-Cost, Lo-Fi, Lo Brow” Almond Records is curating and providing limited run cassettes for the physical media collector.


Recognized as ALM spine 0, St.Pete’s own Freak Scene kicks off the line with their debut album “Freak Scene Is Dead”. Bringing a mix of Noise & No Wave vibes and featuring the bands original line up, this limited run of 10 green tint audio cassettes are wrapped in burnt and damaged libertarian propaganda, matching the tone and atheistic of the project. At this moment this release is currently sold out.


Next up is a favorite of mine, ALM spine 1 is the essential sophomore effort from Open Culture “Ataraxia”. This collaboration with Darkaire is a limited run of 24 clear audio cassettes with glitter actually embedded into the tape. Open Culture is one of my favorite bands at the moment, I just love their vibe and mesh of sounds and styles. They have some of the best visuals in the game today. I have had my eye on this release for a while and will more than likely pick it up soon while it is still in print. Fingers crossed on a follow up release of Open Culture’s debut album Blue.


ALM spine 2 SSXVII’s “FERN” is limited to a run of 9 reclaimed black audio cassettes, each featuring a unique lamented sketch on each package. I am unfamiliar with SSXVII but that is what makes Almond Records so beautiful is their curation process. I probably would not have heard about this release without the work of Almond Records so shout out to them for putting jit on.

I really dig the work that Almond Records is doing right now. Their curation process and care they put into the packaging of each release is top notch. I cannot wait to see what the label releases next. Hopefully we can get a $lugg Mix put on an Orange Cassette one of these days!

Pusha Preme- Red Oktober

Touching on themes of fatherhood, marriage, and Tampa shit, Pusha Preme solidifies himself at the top of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop landscape with his latest album “Red Oktober”.


Viewed as a companion piece to his 2020 project “Before I Say, I Do”, “Red Oktober” shows growth from Preme not only in his artistry but as a man.

The project starts off with the uplifting “heavenlyFATHER”, portraying Preme’s in struggle as a man. Preme is one of the only artists I have heard that is able to capture that grandiose production that is a kin to Ye and Travis Scott at points. This track really puts you in the headspace of Preme.

But before Preme dives all the way into his new role, he still brings it back to the streets on “Outsiiide”. The triumphant horns and hard hitting 808s allow Preme to talk his shit. The more melodic part of the hook is one of my favorite song choices Preme has done to date. It’s a must that we get a remix featuring at least one of the members of Outside World ENT.

“get Up” featuring Jafarlee & Bruce Wayne is on some back home from the club, late night vibes. I really enjoyed this track. It was a nice change of pace at this point in the album. Preme is able to deliver his vocals with ease not coming off out of pocket.

Bringing the Caribbean vibes on “Trinidad James” Preme and Big Jayoh go bar for bar, switching back and forth throughout the verse similar to how Styles and Jada do. This track is short and sweet but Preme and Jayoh still get there point across.

This shit right here is a Tampa Bay classic at this point. One day the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are gonna run out of the tunnel to “Never Thought” featuring Jay Browne. This one is a straight banger. Jay Browne is on his early 2000s Jay Z shit, and Preme rips his verse and hook. Seeing the 3D video for this joint at the listening party made it go full circle.

“Wrong Way” featuring AD the Artist is my favorite Pusha Preme song to date. I love the fact that this track can work on an underground and mainstream level at the same time without sounding forced. This sound is something desperately needed in not only the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene but the entire game as a whole.

“cause I Want U” featuring Kashvilli is a feel good joint. It reminds me of that track you keep hearing over and over during a road trip that becomes the soundtrack to that trip essentially.

“Prisoner of WAR” is something special. I really dig all the instrumentation and sounds on this joint. Between Preme’s vocals and the always great Michaela Paladio you’ll have no choice but it move it out on the dance floor to this Sade esque track.

“Sick Of These Games” is my shit. The different styles of the artists vocals is what I feel really makes this track. From the ear worm hook, to the standout verses from Quintin Cambridge and Indie Indigo, this is a track everyone can relate to.

“Why Do Fools fall in Luv” is a more melancholic joint but it still fits well within the context of the album. I really mess with the guitar strings on the hook of the song, and Preme’s backing vocals add a nice.

The project concludes with some more Caribbean vibes. I really dig Davion the God on the hook and the verse, his flow almost makes what he’s saying feel like a chant or anthem. That haiku line by Preme was cold, as well as the follow up Goku line. The video for this joint is really solid as well, bringing the song to life.

“Red Oktober” is one of my favorite projects of the year. Pusha Preme keeps elevating his game with each project, honing his sound into something that is solely his own. I really appreciate everything Preme does for the Tampa Bay Hip Hop community so big shout out to him. Tampa Bay will win!!!

Kent Loon- Bittersweet

With production from Chester Watson as well as a couple unexpected features, Kent Loon proves why he’s the Trillest in the St.Pete Hip Hop Scene on “Bittersweet”.


The lead single of the project “Rax” is one of my favorite tracks to drop this year. The mystical trill production provided by fellow St.Pete native Chester Watson sets the tone of the album. This track gets me so hype every morning when it comes on “The New St.Pete Playlist”, it’s the perfect way to start the day. Loon switches up his flow several times on the track gliding over the beat. “Wake Up, it’s back to rax!”.

My favorite track on the whole album “I Can’t Lie” features not only a beat but also a verse from Chester Watson. Loon & Watson always create magic when they are on a track together. They totally embody the Trill sound I always wanted to hear come out of the 727. I really dig how eerie Watson sounds on his verse and that “When you see me in public, I’m probably high” line really hits.

“The Mist” has Kent Loon on his shinobi shit, his flow is so menacing. This one is straight out of the 727 trenches. That wax line from Watson is a stand out for me with the dope imagery. Valee was a pleasant surprise on the track and definitely fit the menacing vibe of Loon & Watson.

“Wolves On Clouds” is on some hype shit. Not sure how he did it but that 03 Greedo feature was a nice touch to the album. Greedo added a a hint of west coast vibes to the track. The track transports the listener straight to the underworld. The hook from Greedo has been stuck in my head since I first heard the track.

“No Face” is that late night creeper joint. You can just put this one on and ride around the city late night. Loon switches it up from a slow to fast flow effortlessly throughout the track.

“Sun Down” pairs Kent Loon with Chester Watson once again. The icy beat puts the duo back in their Trill bag. I would for sure like to see some visuals for this joint.

On “Can’t Sleep” Kent Loon teams up with FLA Trill legend Yung Simmie on a more reserved track, allowing you to take in all the lyrics each MC is spitting. This track sounds chopped and screwed without being chopped and screwed it’s really dope how they did it. Like always Simmie does what he does, one of his best verses I’ve heard in a minute,

The hook on “Gold Creed” will get stuck in your head for days. I really mess with the truck rattling production on this track. It reminds me of some old school dirty south shit.

“Honey Bun” featuring Trapland Pat has Loon and Pat going verse for verse over an atmospheric beat. Not gonna lie this track made me want a Honey Bun.

Kent Loon & Chester Watson link up one last time on “Cargo Pockets”. The duo never misses when they team up. I just love the dark and trill tone both MCs embody. The city definitely needs a video for this one.

“Big Bank” was made for the trenches. The imagery Kent Loon creates with his lyrics literally transport you into that life. Whether you are about that life you will be able to relate to what Loon is putting down.

I really mess with the more melodic vibe on “Dragons Outta Town”. In the future I would like to see Loon add more melodic touches to his tracks, he for sure has the versatility to pull it off without sounding corny.

No one in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene is really doing this Trill type of sound, which is something I felt had been missing from the scene for a few years now. Big shout out to Kent Loon and Chester Watson for always repping the city with pride.

The Future Is $GREY

With the shift to Web3 on the horizon, the holders of $GREY have come together to create the $GREY DAO to ensure the mistakes of Web2 are not made again.

🏕💯🗿 🪙

The $GREY DAO is a decentralized design house with the mission centered on creating digital and physical products. Taking inspiration from the efficacy of the group “Anonymous” and the anonymity of Maison Martin Margiela. The existence of the group is to give ownership back to the creatives. The success and failure of the $GREY DAO is based solely on the community.

$GREY Is The Way

Season 1 began on 11/05/2021 establishing citizenship within the $GREY DAO as well as how to attain more $GREY. The 3 member $GREY Council helps steer the direction of the $GREY DAO as well as decide the monthly $GREY budget for citizens, how the governance will evolve, team members postpone, as well as the evolution of each season.

$GREY Is The Future

There is only 10 Million $GREY in existence. The only ways to obtain $GREY is to be given it for activity in the $GREY Area, or swapping it out for ETH. In the $GREY society your role is determined by how much $GREY you poses.

The Tourist role is required to hold at least 1 $GREY in order to have access to the $GREY Area.

The Citizen role unlocks the UGI (Universal $GREY Income). You must be active in the $GREY Area to remain a citizen. As a citizen you are able to submit proposal ideas for the group. A citizen must hold 200 $GREY at all times.

The Architect role opens up the ability to propose votes and partnerships. The suggest requirement to obtain the role of Architect is currently holding 2000 $GREY.

The Partner role will reward those for providing the group with the essential manufacturing and production abilities in order to help the collective prosper with each coming season.

With the $GREY DAO Manifesto only being in existence for a little under a month, we are merely on the cusp of what the $GREY DAO could eventually become. It is up to the inhabitants of the $GREY Area to create and work together for a better future.

Mackey Emmanuel- Feelings on F*ck It

Coming off last years St.Pete Hip Hop classic “Sky Zhone” by Zhudaru1963 introducing a majority of the core members of the Zhudaru Collective, it was only a matter of time before Mackey Emmanuel dropped a banger for the city. On “Feelings On F*ck It” Mackey Emmanuel is able to capture the streets and club, providing the soundtrack for anyone living that life in Sunny St.Pete.

🏕💯 🐼 🍃 💨 🔥

The triumphant “Groove” has Mackey in his bag. No one is on his level when it comes to the melodic street shit. The vocals on this joint are some of my favorite Mackey has done to date. Perfect way to kick off the project.

At this point “Too Much” featuring Kalixo Ratchet is a St.Pete Hip Hop classic. It fits the vibe of the album for sure and was a nice addition.

An ode to Mackey’s Grandma, “Pauline” was one of the first singles released off the project. Whenever you are having a bad day just throw this joint on and let your worries fade away. Hopefully down the road we can get some visuals for this one.

Other than “Too Much”, “Tommy Vercetti/Kerosene” featuring Kayo Da Beast is my favorite track off the project. The first half “Tommy Vercetti” is a St.Pete Strip Club anthem. All the clubs in the 727 need to have this one on repeat. This one just got that Zhu vibe. Once the beat switch happens and shit slows down it’s time for the melodic “Kerosene”. I remember when the teaser video for this track dropped and I was waiting for this one to get an official release. “Kerosene” is on some gangster shit for sure.

“Numbers” is another standout track on the album. The atmospheric beat is a nice change up for Mackey. This one has a bit of a J.Cole vibe to it but not anywhere near as corny. Mackey is spitting some real shit on this track, dealing with fallen foes and fallen friends it’s a struggle out here in the 727.

“Yahfehme” was the final single released before the project officially dropped. This one has a vibe that could be in a 2K game or Madden. I feel like this track pretty much embodies the vibe and tone Mackey was going for on the album as far as theme and sound goes.

The project ends out with the bouncy “Caicos”. This one has Mackey on his exotic shit. This some shit you just jam in the whip with the sun going down. The feel good vibe will have you flexing on everyone in sight.

With “Feelings On F*ck It” Mackey Emmanuel continues the run of dominance out of the Zhudaru in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. With no signs of slowing down it’s only a matter of time before Mackey drops another single for the city.

Skully Cipriani- A Meticulous Process EP

After pulling up to the BTMVLE Studio for the exclusive listening party before the project dropped, I could hardly wait to hear the latest project in full from Skully Cipriani. On A Meticulous Process EP, Skully Cipriani blends the best elements of Boom Bap and Trill to standout on his own amongst the rest of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene.

🏕💯 ☠️

Off rips the production on this project is a standout. I am pretty sure I have heard all of these samples before but Skully makes them his own with his swaggy delivery. It’s almost like 2010 era Charles Hamilton mixed with some Dilla.

“Head High” was a great track to start the EP off with. The horn based production allows Skully to talk his shit. Despite the everyday struggles of life Skully keeps his head up high, knowing that better days are coming.

“Eastern Market” has that Experimental Hip Hop vibe where the beat is off but on beat at the same time. This track is short and sweet but Skully doesn’t get caught up in the beat, making every line count.

My favorite track on the EP is “1 Spliff” from the funky beat to Skully’s laid back delivery. This is that late night smoke sesh joint on the way to Waffle House, shout out to Guapo. That wheels fall off lines continues the theme of despite being down at the moment if we keep grinding we will make it through it.

The next video Skully does needs to be for Bahn Mi. I would love to see a whole project dealing with food done by Skully that would be a vibe. The beat on this one sounds like some old school Vegas night club type shit. That David Lynch line is a favorite of mine.

“Where We Belong” features a really dope soul sample on the instrumental, that switches up into some laid back groovy shit. All the beat changes are really dope, and Skully is able to go from beat to beat with ease.

I really dig the style and sound Skully Cipriani went for on this EP. All the themes and content made sense and flowed well making the project stronger as a whole and not just a bunch of random songs. There is definitely a place in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene for this type of Hip Hop. I will be anticipating what Skully does next, but hopefully we can get a couple visuals off this project, to bring the EP to life.