Don’t Be A Hero, Be A Cowboy.

After numerous teasers, Cowboy By Takeo and Balaclava Boys have released a new look book for their upcoming tee shirt and bag collaboration.

The collaboration we’ve been waiting for.
The homies blessed Jit Camp with an exclusive.

For this collab Cowboy By Takeo and Balaclava Boys combined both of their styles to create the Balaclava Cowboys logo. The font is a dope touch but I just dig how the lettering is repeated throughout each piece.

I will be picking up the gold/mustard colorway as soon as they drop.
The black on red is can’t miss giving off them Bucs vibes.

The shirt drop comes in three different color ways, white, red, and a gold/mustard color. With only three different color ways available, it wouldn’t break the bank to go with all three. I for sure will be picking up that gold color way. Not many brands are using that color with their releases.

If the shirts weren’t enough, the true centerpiece for the drop are the three bags Takeo and Balaclava Boys cooked up. One is more of a back pack piece, making it more of an on the go item. The shoulder bag is pretty dope as well. The statement piece of the drop is the duffel bag. You can put your boards, your grinders, even your balaclavas in it. If your a fan of both brands the duffle is a must.

No release date is confirmed for the collaboration drop, but with Balaclava Boys doing a solo drop Jan 25th, I am pretty certain this is next on the list. So much dope product has been coming out of the shop recently. Stay locked to Jit Camp for all the latest from Balaclava Boys, Cowboy By Takeo, and BTMVLE.

The Season Of The Witch.

After Babushka had her big break last year, Balaclava Boys are starting the new year off with a new tee and mask drop, as well as a super limited BTMVLE X Balaclava Boys balaclava release.

Bringing the skull to the ski.
Goodies in every order.

I feel the centerpiece of this drop is the “Headhunter” balaclava. The skull design was a nice touch, adding in a full design over the face piece. This one will definitely have you on your ripper shit.

My favorite Balaclava Boys release to date.

I love this artwork for “The Witching Hour” tee. It reminds me off this Australian biker film “Psychomania”, which brings a “Mad Max” vibe to the piece. If you had any doubts about the new drop, this is a must cop.

Chevron Boys.
Dunce Cap tear drop.
Essential for any stoop kid.

Also releasing with the Jan 25th drop are a super limited collab drop with BTMVLE, featuring three different limited balaclavas. “The Road Warrior” edition is an ode to them chevron days. The “US-19” edition showcases BTMVLE “Dunce Cap Kid” logo prominently as a tear drop. This is my favorite mask of the drop. The “Big 275” is for all them interstate soldiers. This one would be the perfect pairing with a BTMVLE “275” hat.

Made for the Hard Rock.

The most minimalistic piece of the entire drop is the “The Jackpot” tee. There is more than meets the eye with this run. Each shirt has a different logo on the pocket and neck. With a $15 price point, this piece should be accessible for pretty much anyone.

Orders over $50 get a free coozie, $70 gets you a free logo beanie, and for the big digs if you order over $100 you get a flag.

This entire collection is dropping Jan 25th and will go quick so don’t miss out. This drop along with the collab with Cowboy By Takeo, are proving Balaclava Boys are one of the primer brands on the market today.

Just Keep Floating.

With shout outs from Itunes and Spotify, singer Amaria has been making a name for herself with her last few singles, building anticipation for her debut project.

A great song to start the “Morning”.

Amaria’s style has hints of Neo-Soul mixed with Alt RnB. Her vocal style reminds me of Kali Uchis but if she sang over more airy production. “Morning” is a perfect example, the lush airy production allows Amaria’s vocals to float over the track, bringing all the chill vibes

Don’t leave Amaria waiting.

Amaria’s lyrics are really relatable especially on “Waiting”, where she describes waiting on her lovers call, so they can take over the world and have it all. The only question is how long will Amaria wait?

“Twilight” is my favorite track from Amaria.

Amaria keeps her tracks short and sweet usually averaging around 3 minutes per song. Her tracks “Twilight” and “Moon” act as companion pieces. On “Twilight” you can tell Amaria is really feeling a certain someone, entranced with their aura. On “Moon”, Amaria wants that love to lift her off into clouds, there’s nothing holding it back.

“Rewind” a duet with Joe Saan is a nice change up from the “Cloud RnB” Sound.

“Rewind” has big Neo-Soul vibes, reminding me of a D’Angelo or Maxwell track from back in the day. It shows Amaria can hold her own on a duet. I am a fan of her more “Cloud RnB” tracks, but I’m all for a duet EP with Joe Saan. For some reason this track reminds me of Christmas time.

On “Roses” her newest single, Amaria blends her “Cloud RnB” sound with an even funkier vibe. The accompanying visuals really added to my enjoyment of the track. Her message about going in circles to feel love is a breath of fresh air. We all are trying to figure out the one we love. Amaria never sounds sad or disappointed about love on her songs, it’s always about the excitement of experiencing it.

If “Roses” is anything like what the debut project is going to sound like, it’s destined to be the “Cloud RnB” blueprint. Soon the whole world is going to float with Amaria.

Rap Game Seth Rogen.

The Zhudaru1963 elephant makes an appearance on the cover.

While under quarantine last year, Acoupstix out of the Zhudaru1963 collective was able to craft one of the dopest projects to come out of the burg in 2021 with “Couped Up”.

The entire project was recorded and mixed by the man himself Zhudaru1963 so you know the sound quality is top notch. Acoupstix is able to bring that stoner rap style while still keeping it 100% St.Pete. The album is a perfect blend of chill vibes, bangers, and even some introspective joints.

Acoupstix has a very southern accent when he raps, which adds to his more bluesy records like “Love”, “My Drugs”, and “Seeds” featuring Alexis Julianna. This mid section of the album shows Coup on a more introspective vibe, spitting about life and relationships.

That’s not to say this album doesn’t have some bangers on it like the prologue track “Ego”, and “Smoke”, the later features one of Coup’s most ear wormy hooks to date. My fingers are crossed for a “Zhuting” remix featuring all the members of the Zhudaru1963 collective, this one is definitely the anthem.

My favorite tracks on the album are when Acoupstix is in his stoner rap bag. Tracks like “Be That” and “Whole Mood” transport me onto a yacht, smoking a joint in the middle of Tampa Bay. Other than his game day anthem “Easy Dubs”, “Whole Mood” has got to be Acoupstix’s best track to date, from the production, bars, and total song concept.

Acoupstix made a good thing out of a bad situation on “Couped Up”, bringing his own style to the Zhudaru1963 collective and cementing himself as a major figure in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. Super hype for whatever drops next from Acoupstix and the entire Zhudaru1963 collective.

10pm In St.Petersburg.

After a slew of singles, Josiah Odin carves out his own lane in the St.Pete Hip Hop landscape with his debut EP “Sacrifices”.

What sets Josiah apart from a lot of other artists in the scene are his introspective lyrics and song concepts. Each track seems like it really happened to him or someone he knows. This aspect makes his music really relatable, especially being from the same city.

I would say style wise he reminds me of a “Take Care”/ “NWTS” era Drake but if he was from the Burg. Not fully breaking into song like Drake, Josiah is able to create sing songy hooks without coming off corny.

The intro track “Close Enough” sets the tone for the album stylistically and content wise. The windshield metaphor was really on point. The beats are very atmospheric but still have that knock we all know and love in the south.

My favorite track on the project is “Goat In Omar’s Room”, which I am pretty sure features a sample from “4pm in Calabasas” one of my favorite Drake tracks.

“Brb” is the lead single off “Sacrifices”.

On the lead single “Brb” Josiah dives into his struggles with his relationship. I would for sure like to see a visual for this track, it would really add to the story.

There are no shortage of bangers on this project, with “Feel Like Myself Again” and “Survival” breaking up the EP well. These are the type of tracks I feel the city will really get behind, having more of an anthem vibe. I really dug the versatility Josiah showed on this project. That beat and hook on “Survival” are game changers. Josiah his on his braggadocios shit spitting “I got Caprisun Juice, you know the kid won’t lose”.

Despite taking a more introspective approach tracks like “Blame” and “Late Night Views” still have that club vibe. It’s only a matter of time before “Blame” is in every clubs rotation.

Was really blown away by this project, once Josiah drops some videos and gets some shows under his belt, the sky is the limit for him.

UAC Over Everything.

Despite not dropping a full length project in 2020 the UAC collective made up of Khol Bars & Kmon Beats have been flooding the streets with singles and features, building anticipation for their next release.

“Puff Puff Pass” is my quintessential UAC track. A banging cloud rap beat with some of the dopest flows you’ve heard this side of the skyway. Lately the crew has been giving me big Main Attrakionz vibes, one of the groups famous for ushering in the cloud rap scene.

UAC up next.

On “Water WRLD” UAC takes us on a trip to Atlantis with an airy and watery beat. There is still plenty of knock to the beat making it ready made to be in your banger playlist.

Could definitely hear this over some “Inyuasha” visuals.

The beat selection on all of the recent singles has been A1 not a dud in the bunch. For some reason when I hear this track I get like an anime vibe from it. My favorite verse comes from Kmon when he spits “Yeah you 25 but your mind is stuck in senior year.” I dug the subtle approach each MC took when delivering their verses, it complimented the beat nicely.

The flows on this one are unreal.

On “Manifest Destiny” UAC is 3rd Eye sharp, with some of their wildest flows to date. Both verses from Khol Bars and Kmon Beats have flow switches towards the end of each respected verse. This was definitely a nice touch.

Main Attrakionz vibes on this cloud rap banger.

One of my favorite UAC tracks to date is “Free”. The island cloud rap beat is the perfect back drop for Kmon and Khol to go bar for bar interchanging verses rather than going back to back. We need some visuals for this one asap.

You know it was gonna be a banger with Juan Hunna.

Never would have expected Juan Hunna on a UAC track but this is probably the hardest track the collective has released. From the verses to the beat, the more trap vibe on this track showed UAC can spit on any kind of beat with anyone.

“Athlete” is a solo effort from Kmon Beats.

The newest solo track from Kmon Beats “Athlete” is very laid back. Both Kmon and Khol Bars have always been on point when it came to the hooks, but lately with this one and “Puff Puff Pass” they have really gone next level.

UAC killed it on this feature.
UAC was featured on one of my favorite tracks off Palm Pact’s “Armada”.

UAC landed two huge features recently. The first was assisting Rubbaband Shan’s “Behind Closed Doors” this feature was a different vibe for the crew but they came with the dope verses as always. UAC sounded right at home on “In The Moment” which is my favorite track of Palm Pact’s “Armada” project.

Not sure what the next full length project will be, fingers crossed for the “hybrid” installment of their “THC & Chill” mixtape series featuring “In Da Cut With Indica” and “Saturday With Sativa”. Stay tuned to Jit Camp for everything coming out of the UAC collective.

A Tale Of Two Egos.

iBOMS leaves us all stargazing with his first solo show at Mize Gallery, presenting “Ego Death”.

This is a piece from the temple found in Ego & Ego Death’s world.

iBOMS concept for the show was to portray how a psychological death feels. iBOMS created two new characters “Ego” the lighter, earthy mushroom, and his counterpart “Ego Death” the yellow mushroom. Both characters live in this new world iBOMS has created. They act has a vessel for iBOMS to deliver his feelings and message.

Ego sitting on a pile of blooms.

Ego seems to be the more down to earth of the two. I think the hoodie makes him feel more human than Ego Death.

Ego Death the darker form of Ego.

The name sake of the entire show, Ego Death is fixture in almost every piece from the show. You can tell he is the more mischievous of the two mushrooms.

A 1 of 1 iBOMS designer bag.

Prior to taking his first airplane trip iBOMS decided to create a backpack piece to show off around the airport. Ego Death sure is doing a great drop rocking it as apart of this sculpture piece.

This is where the ideas form.

“Delivery To The Ideas” is a look at iBOMS creative process. Again Ego Death makes an appearance in the piece. I really dig when iBOMS uses these older looking frames, it really adds an old world museum quality to them, connect the new with the old.

This is dedicated to iBOMS’s muse, strawberry starbursts on “Starburst Journey”.

This piece represents the euphoric high Jabari gets when he eats his favorite candy strawberry starburst. I can totally relate to this piece not necessarily with starburst, but with my own favorite snacks and sodas. That first sip of Cherry Coke hits different.

My favorite all time iBOMS piece “My Mortality”.

iBOMS representation of a mortal death, meaning anything of this world has a beginning and an end, which can be good or bad. The character represents iBOMS appearing in pain and defeated. The bumble fees surrounding the figure represent the light that can revive or rebirth the figure. The exit sign seems to be a new signature for iBOMS making an appearance in many of the pieces for the show. This by far is the best piece from the show and my favorite iBOMS piece to date.

You can either go up or down, the choice is yours.

“Ultralight Beams” is a very different piece for iBOMS, who very rarely takes a minimalistic approach with his work. This one just fits though, you can either ascend upwards into the light or fall back down into the darkness. Chad Mize said the new owner of the piece is going to hang it on a yellow wall, which is really going to make a statement. The process of Ego Death.

It’s the Akatsuki cloud for me.

“Stargazing” represents what iBOMS sees when he looks at flowers. To him it’s like looking into a nebula or something intergalactic the way flowers appear and connect us to the universe.

I was completely blown away by the show and all the new pieces iBOMS had for our eyes and mind to devour. This is a contender for art show of the year. I plan on at least heading back to the gallery once every weekend while the show is on display. The show will be on display at Mize Gallery until January 24th, gallery hours are Saturdays 10AM-5PM and Sundays 10AM-2PM.

Nijah Stevens: The Glow Up.

3rd Eye Sharp.

Local artist and photographer Nijah Stevens had his first art show at The Bends last Friday, showcasing some of his newest pieces.

The Bends was the perfect venue for the show.
Hopefully this is the first of many installations for Nijah.

Nijah is known for his more erotic photographs that often take a darker approach. For this installation Nijah stuck with to his erotic style but dripped in neon.

Big T2 vibes on this one.

My favorite piece of the whole show was “I’ll Be Back” an homage to the terminator. I could for sure see model Morgan Gabrielle as the terminator, especially with that red eye.

Saturns rings on full display on “Manifest”.

The intergalactic theme is present in all of the pieces. The opening separating the models legs from the rest of her body are similar to small black holes. In some of these pieces it feels like some of these models are truly in this planetary setting, will all sorts of cosmic energy surrounding them.

Definitely a full moon.

The turn out for the show was great, with fans of Nijah traveling from all around the Bay Area to see his work, one couple told me they drive from Lutz just to be at the show. Nijah is proving himself to be one of the dopest talents in all of St.Petersburg. I can’t wait to see what take he brings to his erotic & exotic work for the show.

Who Says We Can’t Have Tampa Bay Raptors Gear?

My two favorite shirts from the Tampa Bay Raptors collection.

With the Toronto Raptors playing their home games in Tampa Bay this season, one would assume we would get official Tampa Bay Raptors merch, wrong!!! But it’s all good, the 1771 Designs has got you covered for all your Tampa Bay Raptors and Tampa Bay Sports gear.

The raptor slash on the ball in the form of a T is honor “The North”.

Instead of focusing on the actual raptor, 1771 Designs went with the teams current basketball and claw logo. I am a big fan of the red color way of this shirt. It would be dope to see a black and gold city edition of this shirt or even a purple throwback one.

“The South” is the official Tampa Bay supporters group for the Raptors.

The fans of the Toronto Raptors are called “The North”, so it’s only right that the official supporters group for the Tampa Bay base of fans would be known as “The South”. Right now a lot of “The North” won’t except us as fans but at the end of the day we both are here to support the Raptors. I feel that “The South” will play a crucial role in Tampa Bay finally getting our own NBA club, showing that our community will support NBA basketball despite not truly having a club of our own at the moment.

I am a sucker for anything throwback Buccaneers.

It’s important to make our newly adopted basketball club feel apart of the rest of the TB Sports community, so 1771 Designs to dress the raptor in some “Bucco Bruce” attire. 1771 Designs also offers a “Devil Rays” inspired raptors shirt that is next on my hit list. Fingers crossed for that Lightning/ Thunder Alley and Jurassic Park crossover the Bay Area has been waiting on.

1771 Designs always reps both sides of the Bay, showing love to 727 Hockey.
I’m all for anyone that supports NBA2TAMPABAY.

Fans of all TB Sports teams will love these different takes on some of their favorite teams. I am all for exclusive merch but sometimes locals can add a different vibe than the big retail companies can. Support local and support NBA2TAMPABAY!

Whole Lotta Slug.

Laz Beats puts his own “Slug Rap” spin on some his favorite tracks off Playboi Carti’s “Whole Lotta Red”.

The “Slug Rap” blueprint from the Queen Of Slug Rap, Dj Don Rock.

For the most part “WLR” was pretty solid except for a few filler tracks. On Laz Beats “Whole Lotta Slug” he pretty much takes all my fav tracks off Carti’s project, and makes them his own by slugging them out, now a staple in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene.

The Slugged out reverb sound on “Whole Lotta Slug” allows Carti to beat you over the head slowly with his “Punk Rap” style.

My fav tracks off “Whole Lotta Slug” have to be Laz’s version of “Slayer”, “Punk Monk”, and “King Vamp”. The more PC Rap and Cloud Rap production on those tracks is more to my liking, making them sound even more wavy once Laz Beats gets his hands on them.

I would like to see more “Slugged Out” projects from Laz Beats, possibly an Uzi “Eternal Slug” project would go hard. With Dj Don Rock and Laz Beats at the forefront of the “Slug Rap” movement, it’s only a matter of time before the whole city is slugged.