Exotic POP St.Pete?

Agenda in Houston is one of the main Exotic POP locations.

  With the popularity of exotic sodas on the rise, Exotic POP has taken over the game bringing “unique beverage boutiques” to every location that has one of their machines. Sodas ranging from brands Old Tyme, C&C, and even Coca-Cola products with new flavors Coca-Cola Vanilla Float and Fanta White Peach. from foreign lands. The price range on the various pop goes from $5-$30. These sodas are for the true soda connoisseur. With different boutique soda shops opening up in the DT St. Pete area, the time is right for Exotic POP to have an official location in the area. 

   The brand first gained notoriety from TMZ covering the custom Exotic POP machine made for rapper Lil Pump. The brand also made custom machine and soda for Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival. Drake and Lil Wayne have also shown love to the brand, with the former regularly being seen with a Exotic POP double cup in hand. 

   With over twenty locations around the country, most notably the Busy Bee store and Screwed Up Records both located in the brands hometown Houston,Texas. The former is the record store of the late Chopped and Screwed Pioneer DJ Screw, who even has his own cotton candy soda as a part of the exclusive hip hop legends Exotic POP soda collection. The collection features a Pimp C “Sweet Jones Strawberry”, Fat Pat’s “Ghetto Dreams Pineapple”  and my personal favorite the Big Moe Bar Yar “Purple Drank”. 

     Founder Charleston Wilson started Exotic POP with one goal to make hard to find sodas for accessible to consumers. After scouring the south for obscure local brands, Wilson decided to create the first Exotic POP machine. Not only does the brand now feature exotic sodas from across the globe, different “Exotic Snaxs” are now a part of the brand. 

I personally feel that the city is ready to be apart of the Exoitc Pop family due to the rise in popularity of exotic drinks. Many fake locations have popped up in the area, but until a true Exotic POP ambassador for St.Pete brings a machine to the area we are only able to use the official Exotic Pop app. few locations popping up around Florida I think now is the perfect time to introduce the St.Petersburg/Tampa Bay Area to the real “Unique Beverage Boutique”.