Good Time Review

With their up coming film “Uncut Gems” coming out this weekend I decided to go back and check out the Safdie Bro’s previous films. The duo is one of studio A24s stable of talented directors. Bringing us some of the best original films of the decade.

  Their first feature “Heaven Knows What” gave off a NY DIY feel that really gave the film so reality, taking the audience into the the heroin filled underbelly of NY. 

  With good time the Safdie Bro’s amped up the tension with a fast paced style similar to Michael Mann’s “Thief” a story dealing with the crime filled underbelly of NY.  The electronic score is very similar to the Tangerine Dream score from “Thief” as well.  The bail bond sequences really gave off that Michael Mann vibe. 

   The film really was bringing me along at first but  once Connie played by Robert Pattinson in his best film role to date, takes the wrong person thinking it’s his brother the film sort of goes off the rails. I don’t think we needed that whole acid sprite bottle sequence at Adventure Land, like I get it he needs money but by then his brother is already in the hospital. Benny Safdie’s performance as Nick could have gone down hill but the way Safdie plays it you really feel bad for the brother and can see that Connie is  a selfish person just looking for another person to use like he did with Jennifer Jason Leigh. 

   The acting in this film is def an upgrade from their previous, keeping that sort of Cassavetes esque improv style dialogue but the actors are more polished in this film which puts it over those generic NY mumble core films of the early 2010s. 

The Safidie Bro’s are def worth following and with the big buzz of “Uncut Gems” they have moved their self from indie NY directors to actual  Oscar contenders. I would say definitely check out good time if your look for a modern day NY crime thriller. 

Grade: B+