Bring Back Wonka!

The Wonka Company was discontinued in 2015.

Candy is a huge part of the Holiday season and this year was no exception. As I began to ravage my loot from this year I noticed one small detail while eating my box of “Nerds”, all of the Willy Wonka branding is gone and it’s just Nestle. After further investigation I was saddened to learn that Nestle discontinued the Wonka Company in 2015. I feel this is a perfect opportunity five years later to bring back the man himself Willy Wonka.

As a child I could remember my dad showing me the original 1971 film starring the immortal Gene Wilder. After the film we went to Walgreens in search for the holy grail, a “Wonka Bar” containing a golden ticket. Soon after it was all about the new stuff like the underrated “Nerds Rope”. I can still remember seeing a cartoon Wonka in commercials for the new Wonka candy.

The Nerds box just doesn’t feel the same without Wonka branding.

Not only could the Candy be rebooted bringing back the coveted “Wonka Bars” and “Ever Lasting Gobstoppers” but production studios could also create a new film or series to tie in with this new reboot. This new reboot I feel could be a big hit if done right. I would like to see Eric Andre cast as the new Wonka, making the series a bit more crazy it would take place in the factory with Wonka creating a new confectionary treat for the world to enjoy.

Laffy Taffy is missing the Wonka Branding as well.

To go even further the series could tie in a golden ticket contest that would send some lucky winners to either a newly built Wonka factory or just rebrand the “Toothsome Chocolate Emporium” found at Universal Studios. All the original characters like the Oompa Loompa’s will be there because who else is gonna run the factory. Maybe even some new characters or creatures could be added for some new flare.

With that being said now is a perfect time to capitalize on nostalgia. That Tim Burton reboot from 2005 really hurt the franchise. Hopefully in the upcoming years their will be another chance for a poor boy from a small town to get a golden ticket.

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