Gronk Joins Brady’s Bunch.

When he’s not being kicked out of a park for practicing football, it seems Tom Brady making some behind the scenes dealings after the Buccaneers acquired Patriot legend and future Hall of Fame TE Rob Gronkowski for only a 4th Round Pick.

With rumors of Bucs former first round pick TE O.J. Howard being on the trade block, after having a piss poor season last year, it was surprising to see Howard not involved in the trade. Personally I think they should hang on to Howard just in case Gronk needs a breather. If the team decides to move on they should get no less then a 2nd Round Pick.

With Mike Evans already being a freak of nature, Brady will have two big security blankets on the field just in case he finds himself in harms way. After a year of resting I am sure Gronk is ready to get back at it with another chance at the Super Bowl with his BFF Brady.

Life is good these days being a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan with two of my all time favorite players reunited at long last, let’s just hope the season actually starts.

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