Tampa Bay Patriots?

As a life long Patriot fan living in the Tampa Bay Area I have always rooted for the Buccaneers as well due to being my home town team. Now after the signing of Tom Brady to the Bucs this off-season the fandom struggle is real deciding which team to love more.

After experiencing the Tampa Bay Vipers games and the final Bucs game against Atlanta, my mind was pretty much made up that I was going to get Buccaneers Season tickets regardless what QB was at the helm. One of my life long dreams and goals is to have Patriots season tickets but living in the Tampa Bay Area makes that difficult. For now the best option I have is to root for both teams while still enjoying the in game experience of live football at one of the NFL’s hidden gems stadiums Raymond James.

Growing up I can remember my Grandma Judy having the Bucs game on every Sunday when Chris Simms and Cadillac Williams started on the team. I remember the excitement the area and team had surrounding the drafting of Josh Freeman who we thought would be our QB of the future. The signing of Tom Brady is a huge moment for the team and the Tampa Bay Area putting us in the National spotlight.

People might say that it makes me a bandwagon fan to root for the Patriots and the Bucs but who cares? I’m not going to miss out on seeing the final years of my favorite player and hero play for my home town team, it’s sort of like Tom brought the Patriots to Tampa Bay. I hope over the next few seasons regardless if we win a Super Bowl or not, it is definitely going to be a fun experience hearing the cannons fire at Ray Jay for years to come.

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