Life Is Good Being A Rays Fan.

Regardless of the suspended 2020 MLB Season, Tampa Bay Rays fans and Season Ticket holders have a lot to be happy about.

The Rays are projected to be one of the league’s top teams once the season does finally begin. Blake Snell is a huge part of that success. This break in the season allows him to get fully healed and claim the first MLB The Show Players Championship. Players like Ji-Man Choi and Austin Meadows have been using the time off to strengthen their social media presence making them two of the most popular players on the team.

With the games having to be rescheduled the Rays have decided to give season tickets holders a 25% bonus of the price of the games as a credit that can be used on food and merch at The Trop. This will entice fans to keep their current tickets as well as spend more money in the stadium instead of on third party vendors. I am not sure what other teams around the league are doing to keep their season tickets on board during the pandemic but they might want to take something from the Rays playbook.

At the start of the season I was looking at the various ticket packages the team offered but it made more sense for me to just get a Weekend Season ticket package. Once everything goes back to somewhat normal I can’t wait to join my fellow Rays fans in The Trop, while we all chant Choi right before he hits a home run. See you soon from Section 145 Row V!

Not Your Average Rays Game.

Despite the 2020 MLB Season being on hold, players have been able to stay busy on the virtual field.

One player from each of the thirty MLB franchises have been going at it in a players MLB The Show 2020 League. Personal favorite and 2018 AL Cy Young winner Blake Snell is representing the Rays, dominating the competition, only losing a few games leading him all the way into the championship series meeting up against sixth ranked Lucas Giolito Pitcher for the Chicago White Sox’s.

I would like to maybe see other leagues like the NFL and NBA adopt similar player tournaments with their video game franchises. With many players also being gamers the chances they would be on board is pretty likely. It also is a great chance for fans to see players in a different more personal atmosphere rather than in the heat of the game. Getting to see a different side of Blake Snell has made him one of my favorite all time Rays players. His custom Devil Rays control is really dope.

Snell ultimately swept Giolito in the five game series making him and the Tampa Bay Rays 2020 MLB The Show Players League Champions. Although it’s not a AL Pennant or a World Series Title it’s nice to see the Rays and one of their star players get the national spotlight on ESPN, even though it’s for a video game tournament. Let’s hope the Rays play on the virtual field can reflect their play on the field once the 2020 season officially begins.