Brady Jersey The Drip.

I can remember all the way back to fifth grade when I got my first jersey, it was a Brady Pats jersey. Even though number 12 is rocking a different uniform this season, as a St.Petersburg native and Brady lover, you know I was hype when the Buccaneers showed off Brady in his new threads.

The white Gronk jersey is my favorite out of the three he showed off.

Brady isn’t the only former Pat that will be rocking the Pewter and Red this season Rob Gronkowski also showed off his new jersey earlier this week, all three will definitely have my bank account looking sideways. Every time I see the white jerseys I love them more and more. Usually I am not a fan of white jerseys but these are definitely the drip.

The Pewter color way is my favorite of the Bucs current uniforms.

First I will probably get every players Pewter jersey but for my favorites like Brady, Gronk, Lavonte, and Godwin I will probably get all three color ways of their jerseys. But with this being my first year of being a season ticket holder I will have a plethora of jerseys to wear, keeping me Bucced up for years to come.

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