Central Ave’s Hidden Trophy.

Located in the heart of Uptown St.Pete, Trophy Fish is serving up the best fresh fish dishes on Central Ave.

The sign is what first caught my eye.

Trophy Fish is located at 2060 Central Ave, but this isn’t your average fish house. The outdoor only seating gives off that Key West vibe while still staying true to St.Pete. I really dig with perimeter covered in greenery rather than a painted wall or some wack art. If the weather is crappy out the best spot to chill at is the bar. I found myself spending hours their watching the Bucs game and enjoying great food and cocktails. Oh and did I mention they have $15 bottles of bubbly.

The “Naked and Famous” brings that smokey flavor I often look for in a cocktail.

The bartenders, servers, and chef are all very welcoming and make feel like yo a regular even on your first visit. My friend Kyle and I got to check a glimpse of the bartenders working on their latest specials. The hit of the day was by far the “Naked and Famous, a drink containing Mezcal, yellow Chartreuse, Aperol, and fresh lime juice. Kyle was looking for more of a pick me up so Juan came through with the Espresso Martini, that he named “Hair Of The Dog”.

These might be the best hush puppies I’ve ever had.

The Chef at Trophy Fish prides himself on making every dish fresh, while also using only fresh local caught fish on the menu. For starters I ordered the Fish nuggets, a mix of grouper and mahi, with an order of their homemade hush puppies that are screaming to be made into conch fritters one day. I am a stickler for good sauces, look no further than Trophy Fish’s Pineapple Tartar, which coming from someone who doesn’t like tartar. it’s out of this world.

The Shrimp Burger is one of those unique dishes that sets Trophy Fish apart from the rest.

Despite my full belly, I had to try the chef’s recommended Shrimp Burger. The half part smoked shrimp, half part raw shrimp brings a different flavor aspect I’ve never seen with shrimp before. The “straight killa, no filla”, burger will definitely be my go to from now on. Again chef nails it with “727 sauce”, his spin on a cilantro aioli that’s ties in with the smokey flavor of the shrimp.

Parking at Trophy Fish is never a problem.

The Craft Cocktails are just the start, the food is what will have you coming back for repeat visits, I was even debating on going back later to get another shrimp burger. Trophy Fish checks all my boxes when it comes to a great restaurant, making it an instant regular Sunday Brunch spot for me from this day forward.

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