Not Your Average Mini-Mart.

Located in Seminole Heights, Nebraska Mini-Mart is serving up some of the best burgers and shakes in the Tampa Bay Area.

This ain’t no In & Out Burger.

The burgers at Nebraska Mini-Mart transport me back to those old school cook out days, the burgers aren’t the biggest but a double more than gets the job done. They have single or doubles, I would recommend just getting a combo with fries and a drink. It’s always nice to see a place make fries extra crispy off rips instead of having to say it.

The strawberry shake contains real strawberry jam.

The mini-mart has four shakes available vanilla, chocolate, malted milk, and strawberry. I went with the strawberry shake, solely based on the real strawberry jam, which you can actually taste in the shake.

Might be one of the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had.

I had to grab one of their chicken sandwiches to go. Usually they come with just pickles and mayo but I just got mine plain. The batter of the chicken and my favorite the crunch puts Nebraska Mini-Marts above the rest. When a chicken sandwich can stand alone without sauce you know it’s gas.

The drive thru aspect makes Nebraska Mini-Mart the go to munch spot.

Although I live in St.Pete, the Nebraska Mini-Mart will be one of my go to pre or post Lightning, Bucs, and Raptors destination for many seasons to come.

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