The Mad Fox Of Tampa Bay.

After a handful of drops in 2020, Mad Fox Clothing is back with two of the brands biggest collections to date with the “The Legendary” and “Fire Soul” drops.

I personally will be picking up the Raikou piece.
Fans of Pokémon Crystal should fondly remember Suicune on the cover.

Inspired by the three legendary dogs Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, from the Pokémon series, this hoodie drop features one of the dogs embroidered on the front of each piece. The color way matches each dog and it’s vibe, for example Suicune gives off that icy vibe making the aurora colorway a great choice. My personal favorite is the Raikou piece in the thunder color way. These are all hand dyed pieces.

Y’all remember when Entei talked in the movie.

Entei was always my least favorite dog because of the movie “Pokémon 3” where he talks with a human voice, but the burgundy color way is a nice touch. The overall concept for this collection is just so dope, especially if you remember playing “Pokémon Crystal” having your Masterball stashed for whichever dog you encountered.

Next level embroidery.

Next up is the “Fire Soul” collection featuring a coach jacket and hoodie. The collection is inspired by Sailor Mars from the “Sailor Mars” series. Both pieces include embroidery on the front and print on the back. I really dig the detail in the artwork for Sailor Mars, especially all the Mad Fox hits sprinkled in.

Fire Soul embroidery on the pocket
The Mad Fox details are what take the design up a notch.

The coach jackets are very limited and come in cream and black color ways. The hoodies are dope but the coach jackets are the statement pieces of the drop. The work is handmade by Mad Fox, guaranteeing the best quality in the game.

Big fan of this black color way.
The red on black just hits different.

All of these pieces will be pre order only and won’t be restocked, so you don’t want sleep I’ve you had your eye on a certain piece. The pre order will be available from 1/29 until 2/8 on Over the past year Mad Fox has grown so much as a designer, with both of these collections being his most ambitious to date.