Released on Valentine’s Day.

On “Conflicted” Johnny Adama carves out his own lane in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene, combining elements of RnB with a chill Hip-Hop vibe.

The first time I heard Adama was on a track with Zhudaru1963 called “Blessings”. That track had more of a conscious vibe. This project puts Adama more in a RnB pocket fitting the Valentine’s Day theme. The album is a perfect blend of tracks for the ladies and tracks for the dudes.

The intro “A Vibe” is one of my favorite tracks on the project. The way Adama changes how he says “baby” at the end of each bar was a nice touch. This one has big Casey Veggies vibe to me. The production is real airy and spacey, my type of intro.

“Spell” and “Keep It Real” have more of a sing songy vibe to them. The later will have you looking for a real one, with one of the most ear wormy hooks I’ve heard in a minute. There is no short of dope bars and flows on this project. Adama is able to flow and spit with some of the best MCs the scene has to offer.

“Countdown” has early Franck Ocean vibes, I could see it played next to some “Channel Orange” tracks. “On 2 U” reminds me of one of those late 2000s RnB club bangers. Adama should shoot a video for this at a beach party. His flow and confidence makes it a smash hit in my eyes.

“Say U Luv Me” brings it back to those Casey Veggies vibes with a chill west coast ride out song.

“These Girls” produced by Dj Complex, has a Boom Bap vibe with a beat and hook that sounds like it could have been on Pac’s “Me Against The World” or another mid 90s album. “It’s Complicated” produced by Sean Taylor, places Adama back in that Boom Bap lane which I am a big fan of. The story telling on this track is top notch.

The last couple tracks “11:11” and “Distance” have a chill lush vibe to them with the outro “Distance” being one of my standouts.

“Conflicted” is one of my favorite projects to come out of the St.Pete Hip Hop scene, I really loved Adama’s versatility. There really isn’t anyone else in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene bring this type of sound. Can’t wait for whatever Johnny Adama drops next. Hopefully we can get some visuals for a couple of the tracks very soon.