The Brewery Hidden In The Springs.

Hidden Springs Ale Works located in Tampa Heights is my favorite brewery in the Tampa Bay Area, combining dope can art with some of the best flavor combinations in all of craft brewing.

Had to rep the home team.

Despite not being the biggest beer drinker out there , I still like to enjoy a craft beer now and then. Working at Mazzaro’s gives me the opportunity to try out some of the Bay Area’s finest beer selections. The eye catching can art work of Hidden Springs is what draws me in to the flavor hidden inside the can. “Serenity Now!” is the perfect Valentine’s Day selection bringing that chocolate covered cherry vibe but in ale form. This one is pretty tart but sweet enough to balance it out.

“Riot” by 2 Chainz on in the background.

The can color and art work is so key for Hidden Springs. Each design tells the story of each can, adding more to the drinking experience. “Riot Juice” a Berliner Weisse featuring blackberry, lime, and vanilla is one of my favorites. The blackberry and lime combo is mad underrated.

When I drink this I feel like the bear on the can.

Not being the most knowledgeable craft beer drinker, one of the easier selections to start dipping my toe into the HSAW water was “Orange Crush” an American Wheat with wildflower honey and orange peel. The imagines on the can totally encapsulates what the beer tastes like. This is one of the best wheat beers I’ve ever had. The touch of honey is what puts it over the top.

We need another Big Baby Scumbag collab ASAP.

The detail HSAW puts in all their releases is what puts them above the rest, from the ingredients inside to the can design on the outside. Hidden Springs Ale Works is sold locally around St.Pete, but head across the bridge to the brewery located at 1631 N. Franklin St. in Tampa.