I’d Rather Jam Slug!

Stacked lineup

With the inaugural “Slugged Nites” on the horizon I wanted to take the opportunity to shed some light on the movement as well as my Jit Camp certified Slug Rap classics.

The project that started it all.

DJ Don Rock’s 2020 release “Welcome To The Players Club” is the blueprint for the Slugged Sound and the Slug Rap genre. Taking inspiration from the 1998 Bernie Mac classic “The Players Club”, The Don takes you on a slowed down ride throughout St.Pete.That’s not to say their aren’t some bangers on the project, Don Rocks music is what you get hype with in the club and what gets ya in your feelings after the club.

The DBZ samples just hit diff.

Not being biased but the record is super special to me. Laz Beats another key producer in the Slug movement, joined forces with me to craft the second essential Slug Rap project. Taking inspiration from the DBZ character we formed “Lord Slug”. Using the blueprint Don Rock gave us, Laz & I crafted the perfect Slugged Out mix that is guaranteed to have you “Jammin Slug”. Featuring tracks from some of my favorite artists like Bones and Freddie Gibbs there is something for everyone on the project. Laz did his thing on the mix, chopping up the tracks and hitting them with that reverb just like a Super Namekian. The vision all comes together with hands down the best cover art of 2021 crafted by the Abstract Poet.

One of my most an EPs of 2021.

Jerry Nova and BTMVLE Jotta will be hitting the stage performing tracks off their upcoming “Good Fellas“ EP. With plenty of solo work on the horizon for both maybe we can get a few sneaks peaks for their upcoming projects. Be on the look out for Jotta’s “Cheap Vacation” dropping soon.

One of the best lyricist in the city.

At this point one of the most prominent figures in the St.Pete Hip Hop scenes, I know Tre Butler is going to kill his set. His 2018 project “What About Before?” is mad underrated and he’s got one of my favorite singles out right now “Guardian Angel”. If your a fan of crazy bars and flows, Tre is your guy.

Master Rishi

The producers line up for the first event is crazy. Let me tell y’all now, this Rishi Beats set is about to be next level. Making a name for himself in the scene over the last few years, no one chops up a sample like Master Rishi. Diving more into the MC side of things I hope we get a sneak peak of what he’s been working on lately, if it’s anything like his new single “CHURCH” we are in for a treat fellow slugs.

Vinniethebeatdealer is one of 813 finest.

Whether you want that trap shit, boom bap, or some jazzy vibes Vinniethebeatdealer got you when it comes to production. Really hype to see what kind of vibe he brings to the set.

Chef J.D. is Basedgod in the kitchen.
Choose your food adventure.

Hands down the food pop up king, Chef J.D. knows what flavors your palette wants before it even knows it. Who else out here making stuffed chicken wings with mozzarella. I am not the biggest fan of pasta dishes but anytime Chef J.D. is cooking you know the Jit has got to pull up. I heard Chef is blessing all the slugs at Slugged Nites with a loaded fries special you don’t wanna miss. Chef’s Choice is for the GOATS!

Chicken wings stuffed with mozzarella!!
No one is killing the pop up pasta game like this.

The inaugural “Slugged Nites” event is stacked between all the artists, Djs, Producers, and vendors there is something for everyone, even Capi gettin on the ones and twos. So come out on 3/20 and support The Slugs and I, I guarantee you’ll be “Jammin Slug!”

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