Permanent Vacation

From the stoop to the suite.

Ever since his days in St.Pete Hip Hop legend Lil Keis’s “Paper Chasers Ent”, BTMVLE Jotta has been a staple in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. After dropping a few EPs in the past Jotta is ready to stake his claim at the top of this St.Pete Hip Hop shit on “Cheap Vacation”.

Jotta’s style to me are street conscious vibes 100% out of St.Pete, Fla. His rhymes paint a vivid picture of what street life in the 727 is about, but not necessarily on some flexing shit, the flexing is all in Jot’s delivery.

Shout out to my Slugs.

The opening track “10-4” has that vibe of riding your bike throughout St.Pete potentially making a play or two, either way the sun is shining. The production is top notch throughout the entire project.

“Scary Hustle” is for everyone waiting to take that final leap in whatever your hustle is. That “captain clueless” line is cold. Jot said it best “scared money don’t make money”.

“Good Karma” first time I heard this track was in a Balaclava Boys promo video but just the last snippet of it. It all makes sense now. The piano beat is the perfect backdrop for Jotta to put us all on game. “Im backin up and stackin up my good karma!” just hits different when it’s slugged.

“Purple Clouds” is just a bar fest between Jotta and the homie RodXTheXGod. Jotta starts the track off with probably his most spitterific flow to date. I also like how the title didn’t really fit the content of the song, based on the title you would have thought it would be a weed song. It’s rare to get a verse from RodXTheXGod so you know it was gonna be special. From the purple bandana line, to the pay for a verse line, Rod might have verse of the year, and that’s On Godzilla!


“In The Dust” is just on some groovy shit. Jot is definitely repping Pinellas County on this one. For me this might be my favorite hook on the project, every hustler can relate to this one.

“Keep It Goin” is on some story telling shit. The line about the not so great whip was very clever. The talk of 34th St S and 54th Ave are very relatable to me, and should be to anyone who is or have lived that lifestyle. This one for all them I275 road runners. The beat has West Coat elements to it while still remaining West Florida not Cali.

“H.I.T.M” featuring Nasja Mone was a nice change of pace at this point of the album. This one has probably the most conscious feel to it. The hook is really dope and well executed. Really loved the song structure of this joint in general it’s on some early TDE shit.

You know there had to be some Slug Rap on a Jotta project and “Lolo” is just that. One of the coldest lines is when Jot says “Made my dream girl my baby momma”. This might be my favorite track on the entire project, I am a sucker for airy production. Jotta’s flow is next level on “Lolo”.


To hold y’all over til that “Good Fellas EP” drops, Jotta and fellow slug Jerry Nova team up on “Yesterday”. The beat has a very triumphant feel allowing both Jot and Nova to do their thing. One of my favorite lines from Nova was “we rollin up for all them rainy days, we stackin paper but can’t take the pain away.”

“Run It Back” was a perfect way to end out the album, plus that campfire introduction was pretty dope. This one is kind of on some spoken word shit at different moments, that rugrats line was super dope. What really makes all these songs feel genuine is the confidence in which Jotta delivers his lines. The mellow beat is one of my favorites on the project.

“Cheap Vacation” is a great introduction project to get people familiar with Jotta’s vibe. This project was only the initiation of what’s to come, having you on the edge of your seat waiting for the “Good Fellas EP”, and whatever the Slugged Sounds movement is has up its sleeve.

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