Second Saturdays At The Factory.

Statement piece.

Every Second Saturday of the month The Factory St.Pete hosts an Art Walk showcasing some of the artists who have studios within The Factory and who have collaborated with The Factory in the past.

The main installation I was looking to check out this month was from bujikimo. I first saw the couch piece he made for the grand opening, as well as the piece he brought to Coastal for the “Lonely Fans” show. I saw some glimpses of the Bear Brick online but I had to see it in all its glory in person. By far my favorite bujikimo piece, it’s really dope how he added his esthetic to the bear brick canvas. The stop sign piece also on display was inventive as well as an unexpected canvas choice.

Zulu Painter is a Factory regular.
It’s the eyes for me.

It always a joy for me to see some new work from Zulu Painter. I love how he is able to capture people’s faces. His versatility was really on display this month with the new clock piece he unveiled called “Time”. The eyes inside the clock are my favorite touch. The color pallet forms almost a kaleidoscope effect within the clock.

The Exit sign is essential.
Watch out for the blooms.

iBOMS is another main stay at The Factory. The main focus in both of these pieces are the blooms. In “Blooms of the mortal” The bloom appears to be taking the form of figure. Also notice the head is cut off. In “Unsweetened Love” the pig character can’t handle the taste of the blooms causing him to spit them out.

Such an underrated piece.

One of my favorite pieces still on display is the collab piece between iBOMS & Zulu Painter. Pretty much a mash up of both styles, since they are two of my favorite artists how could I not love this one. It’s the skeletor grill for me. Plan on picking this piece up in the coming week if it’s still available fingers crossed!

N.E.R.D. Vibes
No one makes a collage like the abstract.

Abstract Poet is becoming one of my favorite artists. His collage style is like none I have seen before. I was lucky enough to have Abstract Poet create the cover art for the Jit Camp presents: Laz Beats- Lord Slug project. Hopefully one day I can get that actually made into a physical piece, that would be next level.

Cactus Jack

Beyo had a couple pieces on display. I am unfamiliar with his work but I really dug this Travis Scott piece. It was a dope touch to capture the cactus jack colorway esthetic for the piece.

Gio’s Typos Always on the scene
The Nature Of Fire is doing some next level work.

Two of my favorite Factory residents Gio’s Typos & The Nature Of Fire are always a joy to see. Gio is a poetry guru. The Nature Of Fire had some new pieces she has been experimenting with on display, she definitely has a dope little collection on her hands.

#floridarama 🐊 🐆 🦩
Saint Paint has been killing it with the murals.

While I was at The Factory I had to show love and check out the new Saint Paint mural he just finished for The Fairgrounds. Each letter captures a piece of Florida, and who doesn’t love a good post card. Can’t wait to see what’s in store at The Fairgrounds but I’ll be picking up my charter membership this week.

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