The Duality Of Garbäj.

Taking influence from RuneScape, Final Fantasy, The Legand Of Zelda, and Card based games, the homies from Garbäj Clothing are back with hands down their most ambitious drop to date. Which route will you choose The Cleric or The Gate Keeper?

The Light
The Darkness

The drop consists of two long sleeves, “The Cleric” one featuring a baby blue color scheme with hits of yellow on the side to represent the “Holy Espee”. “The Gatekeeper” comes in black with hits of purple and red to represent the “tool of sin”. As far as the product goes this is by far my favorite drop from the brand. I am a big fan of long sleeves, you already know the material is gonna be top notch. Plus $5 of each purchase goes to help Suicide Awareness and Mental Health. I personally plan on picking up both of these pieces but the roll out in which Garbäj dropped for the collection taking the RPG video game approach while adding in the environmental aspect is what brings the release to life.

The choice is yours.
We need this in the upcoming Exotic Pop machine.

Garbäj released a video game esque trailer, bringing us deeper into the world of Garbäj as well as expanding the lore. In this first person adventure you take a sip of the Garbäj Juice, transporting you to Garbäj mountain, were you choose whether you want to enter the “Recyclical Basilica” or the “Caustic Castle”!

I can hear the castle flutes.
Garbäj saved the game.

The “Recyclical Basilica” is what we all strive for. The structure is built from recycled materials built from clerics who’s mission on earth is to stop pollution. The bonus stats for this card are pretty awesome supporting your stats and allowing resurrection.

Chum Bucket vibes.

For those who embrace the darkness I would choose the “Caustic Castle”. The Gate Keeper watches over the stinky almost monster like structure. Pollution spews from the castle spreading death and disease to all inhabitants. Those that dabble in sin will gain bonus attack from the castle.

The Gate Keeper
But what is he guarding?
You triggered my trap card!

If you choose the “Caustic Castle” you will be greeted by “The Gate Keeper” who shall decide the ultimate fate of your soul. Armed with his tools of sin “The Gates Chains” The Gate Keeper will grant you all that you desire or blind you. What lies behind the castle walls?

Shout out to Clergy.
Blessings on blessings on blessings.
Let there be light.

For those of you who choose the “Recyclical Basilica” will be greeted by “The Cleric” the keeper of everything light restoring faith to the earth. Armed with his “Tools of Prayer” The Cleric uses the “Holy Espee” to heal all.

With many cards at play it is uncertain what will happen next in the world of Garbäj. It is up to the player to decide which path is best for them on their environmental journey.

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