BTMVLE Is The Foundation

Over the past year or so the The BTMVLE studio has grown into one of the dopest spots for just mad creation. Whether it’s hosting Slugg Nite$ events or housing the numerous brands, each representing their own style and take on the culture, BTMVLE is the foundation!

🏕💯🗿🌎 🤠 🐊 😈 🐌
This ain’t no Swamp People
Biker jackets going brazy

Taking time away from just doing outside work, the BTMVLE team has been building towards some big FLA themed pieces to have all the jits ready for beach season. I’ve seen some sneak peaks of the all embroidered gator biker vest, which is definitely an essential piece for any FLA rider.

Capi Flvcko
Jit$ Never Wxrry
New Choppa New Choppa

Just when you thought the Cowboy By Takeo X Balaclava Boys collab was done they come at you with some of the dopest plushies I have seen in a minute. Every Jit in Pinellas county is gonna want one of these fire arm plushies. These are all hand made in house at the studio. My personal favorite is the yellow choppa.

Bandito pouch might be my favorite in the line up
Carry Your Adventure 📸 by Snorlaxguerrero

The newest addition to the Cowboy By Takeo X Balaclava Boys lineup is the “Bandito Pouch”. After seeing the entire squad rock them at the NLB 3 year anniversary pop up, I was kind of sold on these being my favorite bag in the line up. Tons of new colors are available and the homies are always open to help create a custom bag for you for the right price.

Statement Piece
21st Century Cowboy

The latest splatter jean jacket collection from Cowboy By Takeo are some museum worthy pieces. Each piece has its own flavor, but my personal favorite has got to be the yellow one. Really hype to see what Cowboy will bring to a black jean jacket.

Everyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy 📸 by jpg_jack

That red and yellow Cowboy logo tee is one of my favorite pieces I own. What makes Cowboy By Takeo logo tees so special are their ability to be worn in any situation or in any setting, whether it’s casual or a little more dressy, anyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy.

A master at work
Lostboy vibes

One of the newest collaborators to come through the studio is Lost Boy. Bringing a darker more metal vibe to design, I really dig all the recent jean work Lost Boy has been doing lately, especially that collab with Cowboy. The tag work on all of his shirts is really dope, adding in leather hits when it feels right on a certain piece.

These Demon Boy plushies are essential for any fan of the brand. The handmade factor of each piece is what I admire the most.


After infecting everyone with a few drops earlier in the year it’s only a matter of time before Pollex World takes over full control of your system. Soon you will be rocking Pollex without even knowing it, almost like a uniform.

Keep it locked to the site for all the amazing work coming out of the BTMVLE Studio.

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