Stacked artist and vendor line up.

In honor of the 3 year anniversary of The Next Level Barbers, the entire NLB family is coming out to throw the biggest party on 4/20, filled with an all star line up of artists and vendors.

Just in time for Pokémon Shield & Sword

Enter the $10 raffle for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch Lite. This is a great deal and a quick little come up for the winner.

The man himself
OVO vibes

Shawn and BTMVLE teamed up again for any even crazier drop than last time. I’ve seen some of the exclusives Moose and Jotta have been cooking up, and they 100% have that NLB flavor.

All the way fromThe Bottem to your door step
Boat day ready

The BTMVLE team likes to keep their drops on the hush hush, but I hope to see some of the Jew “Swamp Tour” line they have been working on. The embroidery on the gator head is top notch.

Beat game Mazinger Z

Fresh off his “$lugg Nite$” performance Rishis Beats is ready to bring out some of his best beats and newest tracks for this upcoming NLB event, shit maybe even a cypher will start up.

Carry Your Adventure
Choose your weapon

The Cowboy By Takeo & Balaclava Boys “Carry Your Adventure” collab is one of the biggest drops of the first half of the year. I know Moose is gonna have some exclusives on hand as well as some new plushies. Super hype for that new bandito pouch addition to the bag collection.

Statement piece
Everyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy

Cowboy By Takeo has been snapping on the paint jean jackets lately. You can’t really go wrong with any of the pieces in the collection, by far my favorite is the blue and yellow paint splatter.

Showing love to the Bay
Run up that raffle

Rico Ebert out of the 813 has been killing the paintings lately. From his hip hop legends cartoon series to his various pieces that show love to Tampa Bay, Rico’s work is next level for sure.

Flip rhymes, flip beats

Valentino XIII will be showcasing some of the new futuristic beats he’s been working on lately. Really hype to see what he brings to his set.

Vocalist vibes

Impulse The Gawd is a really dope vocalist. Really excited to hear Mr.Hookah for the first time, I know he will be a great host for the event.

I love Garbäj

Super hype to see what Garbäj brings to the pop up, pretty sure it’s gonna be the Cleric and Gatekeeper long sleeves, so if you missed out on those pick one up. Looking to maybe pick up one of those slept on “I Love Garbäj” tees, those are very rare.

Really dope brand

Really hype to see what Tasi bring out to the pop up, a lot of his designs are really sick. Hopefully he brings out some exclusives.

Stupid custom pieces

Designer Don is rolling through with some exclusive custom designer product. Everything is custom made 1 of 1 so your gonna have to bring the bag.

Jit been waiting on a plate
The plate says it all

Potato Papi will be holding down the food game at the event. Haven’t had a chance to check out his food, so I’m for sure getting a plate.

What’s in my cup is in my cup

Ocha will be on hand serving up the best kava drinks in the city. Perfect for a mellow 4/20 vibe.

Huge shout out to Shawn and the entire NLB family as well as all the amazing vendors pulling up. This is the can’t miss 4/20 event.

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