Marino Tha Infantry

As apart of their global tour, YG Addie aka A$AP Ant & his Marino Infantry crew had to pull up to Champa Bay with some exclusive Marino ooze that are city specific. It was only right for REACH to play host to one of the biggest Pop Ups of the year.


I’ve been rocking with Addie & the Marino Infantry team since the A$AP Mob started back in the day. After being introduced to him on the immortal track “Bath Salts”, I was excited to see what the Baltimore native could bring to the collective. Now a few years after he’s dominating the street wear community with the hottest skate brand in the world. That’s not to say Addie slowed up on the music tip, within the past year he’s dropped two of my favorite projects in the last five years “I Am Underground” & “Lil Black Jean Jack 2”. I love the fact that Addie is always trying to push the music and culture forward with the best production and out of this world rhyme schemes. My favorite is when Addie & Lulu P come on a track, going bar for bar, no one is doing that type of shit nowadays.

Best Beach in the world 727 baby.

For the Marino Infantry exclusives available I would have to say my favorite drop is this St.Pete Beach inspired white shirt featuring the best beach in the world. It was really dope for the Marino team to show love to both sides of the bay. This is a must have for any 727 native or Tampa Bay native in general.

7 rings like an NFL Playa

Most of the city exclusives feature at least one sports drop, the Bucs and the GOAT. This one is more of a statement piece in my opinion than the first but if by some chance you are available to get your hands on both city exclusives I would definitely look into that.

We need Addie for the next Super Bowl Halftime

Just want to thank Addie, Lulu P, and the entire Marino Infantry family for coming out and showing love to the city and even inspiring me to start my own brand one day. Also thanks for blessing us with the dopest exclusives on the tour. The homies at REACH are really doing some special shit for both sides of the bay man, 4 days straight of different pop ups, ending it off with one of the most influential people in the culture today for a double up.

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