That West Florida Burg-Funk.

The 727’s biggest mover and shaker RodXTheXGod captures West Coast G-Funk vibes but with a 100% St.Pete flavor on “The Ricky Spanish Collection…”

Space Age Pimpin

This hands down has got to be one of my favorite projects ever to come out of the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. I’ve always felt since we on West Florida we should have a little bit more of a G-Funk/West Coast feel to some of the music especially being a beach town. “Ricky Spanish” sound like it straight out of Suave House Records back in the nineties on some 8ball & MJG pimp shit.

With DJ IDEA creating the space age pimpin soundscape for Rod & friends to paint lyrical pictures of what everyday live in the city we know in love St.Pete, Fla is like. The title tracks all pay homage to local beaches in the area.

The first track “Vero Beach…” sets the tone for the project. The “ just admit it” hook will get stuck in your head instantly. The Broly and Vlone references on the track from Rod was really dope and relatable. JJ Da Jet snapped on his verse. Pretty much every line is quotable. RIP JJ!

The hooks on the project set up each track so your tuned into all the dope shit the rappers are spitting. “Valrico…” is on some players club shit. Really surprised no one had done a $lugg mix for this project yet, it would jam in the city.

It’s always a lethal combination when you get Rod & Playrunna on a track, “Coquina Keys…” is the perfect example of this. Playrunna sounded really dope on this production on some like B.G. old school New Orleans sounding flow. That hook by Rod might be the best on the project.

“Tierra Verde” featuring $lugged $xund$ member Jerry Nova is my favorite track on the entire project. The beat is a straight banger. That burger line on Nova’s verse was crazy. Rod killed it from both a hook and verse aspect. Not many producers are able to be such a one two punch but would expect anything less.

The final track “Davis Island” featuring the homie Jotta end out the project well. Jot is one of the best spitters in the 727 scene so you know his verse goes crazy. Him and Rod have another track on Jotta’s “Cheap Vacation” project that might have my favorite RodXTheXGod verse to date.

RodXTheXGod and the entire Aqua House, Wynners Circle family has really been killing it lately. I for sure see “The Ricky Spanish Collection…” going down as a St.Pete Hip Hop classic, helping craft a signature “Burg-Funk” sound for the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. to stand alongside the “Slug Rap” movement.

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