The Ultimate FLA Statement Piece.

Over the past 3 years REACH has established themselves as not only one of the premiere brands in Tampa Bay but in the entire Florida scene, with the states finest rockin the essential “Cigar City Champions” Rays fitted and product in various videos and photo shoots.

This what happens when 727 & 813 come together.
Wok star lifestyle might not make it

One of the biggest artists in Florida Smokepurrp reps the REACH brand hard. Whether it’s rocking the fitted on Full Size Run, flexing on everyone with the jeans in the “200 thou” video, or even doing a Pop Up of his own personal collection, Purrp is definitely behind the movement.

Photo by Kelltoodope

727 Hip Hop pioneers Rod Wave and Famous Kid Brick have also been seen donning the Tampa Bay Rays “Cigar City Champions” fitted. Pretty sure like myself Brick has the entire collection, on some Pokémon shit, rocking them in a slew of photo shoots and videos. This the type of energy we need more of in Tampa Bay, St.Pete is definitely rocking heavy with REACH.

Not a Yankees fan but REACH snapped

Not a Yankees or Angels fan but the homies snapped on the other REACH fitted pieces. Love the concept of the “Many Men NY” fitted, D Savage went brazy rocking it in his video, a dope look for the brand.

They praying on our downfall.
Whole Lotta REACH

It’s not only just the fitted hats that are getting love. Onlyonetwo showed love by rocking a hoodie in his “Downfall” video, one of my favorite songs off his “Fire Ep”.


Huge congrats to the homies from REACH on 3 years, they are for sure one of my favorite brands in Tampa Bay and I greatly appreciate everything they do for the culture. I will continue to do my end on the 727 side of things and continue to support the brand for many years to come. Btw we also need a restock on the REACH AF1s, Jit need em for the collection.

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