Dyeing So Pretty

After dropping a few 1 of 1 pieces for the Marino Infantry family, Hunts Fabrications drops his first official 1 of 1 dye collection available in REACH.

Shout out to Big Hunt 🏕💯🙌🏽

It’s all in the details, each piece comes with a Hunts Fabrications size tag, and for those that don’t pick up in store they will receive their piece in a tagged up package by the man himself. I have felt the shirts in store and can honestly say these are some of the best quality Tye Dye pieces I’ve ever seen, no flimsy shit over here bruh.

Smoker 💨

My favorite piece in the entire collection and the one I plan on picking up for myself is the “Smoker” piece. Since the collection is separated by size I’m mostly looking for the XL pieces but still this gotta be my favorite. At the bottom left there is almost like a Diamond/Crystal vibe going on.

Dahlia Flower 🌸

Despite being sold already I just had to show love to this piece. The hits of pink and yellow on the “Dahlia Flower” piece remind me of Japanese water color paintings. Not sure how Hunt does it with the patterns but some aspects of the piece look like pellets from a flower.

Darth Maul 👹

Despite not being in my size this piece goes so brazy. I dig the color scheme of this brining in that Darth Maul/ Sith inspiration. In the middle section it almost looks like a row of faces, adding to the spooky vibe.

Eroding Ice 🧊

Hunt snapped on this “Eroding Ice” piece. The ice shards at the top of the shirt set the tone for the entire piece. The hits of green around the color add in this earthy tone, almost combing with the ice color to form a dirt brown.

Rotting Dragonfruit 🐉

Although it’s sold out I just had to highlight the “Rotting Dragonfruit” piece. The entire pink shirt represents the dragon fruit, while the small touches of green and orange add this rotting esthetic to the piece, almost as if the shirt itself is rotting.

I am telling y’all some people might make just regular tye dye pieces but the Hunts Fabrications turned this shit into an art. I would highly recommend picking up one of these pieces before they are gone either online or in store at REACH. Hit the homie up for customs as well, cause we all know 1 of 1s are for the GOATs. Not sure what Hunt has cooked up for the next collection but you already know it’s gonna be nothing but statement pieces.

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