Coming off the landmark “Carry Your Adventure” collab with Cowboy By Takeo, as well as the armory of gun plushies, the homies at Balaclava Boys have something for all the jits this summer.

New Profile Pic

The summer collection “Fuck Tha Feds” is made up of a designer tee featuring the collections slogan as well as the brand new “Gunman Shorts”. What would a Balaclava Boys drop be without brand new masks, so also included in the collection will be the new “Recon Balaclava”.

The devil is in the details

It’s all about the details when it comes to Balaclava Boys and the “Fuck Tha Feds” t-shirt is no exception. The minimalist approach allows us to fully take in the message of the piece. Those brand tags are essential.

Summer Vibes

Since I am trying to boost up my short game for the summer, I will for sure be picking up a pair of these. The back pocket and branding tags really make these shorts stand out from the rest. You’ll always have your shooters with you when your rocking these.

The options are endless

Complete the fit with the “Recon” balaclava. The color options range from black to pink and even grey compliment the branding surrounding the mask.

Be on the look out for the “Fuck The Feds” collection dropping on July 1st on the Balaclava Boys site as well as some pop up appearances soon.

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