The Ultimate FLA Statement Piece: The Restock

With the “Cigar City Champions” fitted popping up in Orlando and other parts of FLA, it was only right for the homies at REACH to do a restock just in time for the 3 Year Anniversary of the brand.

Made In REACH 🏕💯🙌🏽
Champa Bay
10 years and counting
Everything is purple

This brand new “Barney Purple” color way might be my favorite drop of the “Cigar City Champions” series so far, it’s neck and neck with the “Icy Blue” color way. The 10th Anniversary Devil Rays patch instead of the usual Florida Lotto patch, was a nice change up.

Rays Up
The lotto hit is a favorite

The green and purple brim editions of the “Cigar City Champions” fitted are also restocking so grab those up now, you never know when they will go out of print! Jit put his money where his mouth is and picked up the entire collection, so the fitted is gonna her plenty of shine in the 727, who knows the purple one might even pop up on a special episode of the “Bonfire Podcast”. Everything is Made In REACH.


After dabbling with some custom 1 of 1 jeans in the past as seen on Smokepurrp, the homies at REACH unveiled their newest take on the Levi.

Demon claws

Recently I’ve been trying to get my denim and pant game up so when they dropped these I had to show them love. Usually known for the brand signature red coloring, I love when they dabble with other colors, the slime green gives the R a whole new life. Whenever they make the distressing look like demon claws scratched them up, it adds the signature REACH flavor to what otherwise would be just some generic Levi’s.


They have dabbled with the green on denim in the past but I feel this is their best outing and a definite statement piece for sure. Everything is Made In REACH!

Sandstorm Chasers

After a successful first collection with the “Storm Chase” capsule, the Before The Storm crew is taking things out west with the “Life In The Desert” collection.

🏕💯 🌪 🦂

Described as a collection documented By Laurent Waldron, Chad Pearson, and Raheem Fitzgerald, when all three members of BTS come together they are on some “Voltron” type shit. The out west vibe I feel relates to Laurent’s time living in New Mexico, where he is originally from. To me the scorpion is almost synonymous with Abstract Poet’s brand “ Narcotics Half Off” aka “NHO”, making appearances in many of his pieces. Chad dropped some of the dopest jeans I have ever seen with his “patch work Levi” collection as apart of Concealed United, so the Cargo pants tie into that theme.

Those cargos are a vibe
A trucker hat of that BTS logo would slide

The capsule is made up of the “Life In The Desert” t shirts accompanied by a desert sand colored Cargo pant. Off rips you know any BTS t shirt is a must, from the quality of the fabrics, to the originality of the print a BTS shirt allows anyone to become a “Storm Chaser”. I am trying to enhance my pant game so I definitely have my eye on those Cargos.

The Calm

This is a great follow up capsule to Before The Storms inaugural drop, and I personally will be picking up each piece in the collection. So pull up to the BTS Studio at The Factory St.Pete to pick up some dope product as well as have some amazing conversations.

Hail Hyrda

In honor of their 3 Year Anniversary, the homies at REACH are hitting us with the nostalgic vibes for the “Hyrda” t shirt drop.


The capsule includes a 3 headed “Maleficent Dragon” inspired design on three different color ways white, black, and my personal favorite Rich Teal. When the homies first hinted at doing a 3 headed dragon design for the 3 years I had no clue they where gonna flip a Disney classic on its head.

For me this capsule perfectly captures that vintage Disney shirt vibe while still staying true to the REACH brand. That Rich Teal color way is straight out of the nineties boy!!! I remember having this big stuffed version of the dragon on the shirt so you know Jit picking up all three color ways.

It’s really amazing everything the homies at REACH have accomplished in such a short time. It’s only up from here, I am really hype to see what else they have in the works for the entire 3 Year collection, you know Jit always gonna support everything made in REACH.

Journey Through The Stargate.

The Cybermonk Robert Gallardo takes us on a musical odyssey through the Stargate on “before the algorithm ep”.


Music is art and being creatives why limit ourselves to only one medium. It was always a treat when Rob G would pull up on a Local Muzik track or whenever I discover one of his rvre artifacts on YouTube, most notably the classic “Honcho”. I love how versatile Rob can be on a track, he can go from some flexing shit like “DONDADA” to a more experimental vibe on “computer games (no scrubs)”.

The collection of songs on “before the algorithm ep” are ones Rob made while crafting his debut album “Algorithm And Blues”. The vocal style Rob used on the first track “Needed You” (Prod. by Tape$) vibe well with the intergalactic beat, not coming off corny at all. The $lugged out ending of the track was a really dope touch.

“Where We Goin’?” (Prod. by Yung Aug), is a straight vibe. This that shit you can just ride out to, full blast in the Grey Civic. The storytelling on this track is so vivid, I would love to see what Rob would bring to a concept album.

My favorite song on the EP is “TYPE” (Prod. by jxpvtty). Big funky vibes on this one mane. It was really dope how he sprinkled in some West Coast shit on the project. This track is just really fun.

“Questions” (Prod. by Osaka) starts off with some really dope melodic vocals before going into one of my favorite flows Rob G has ever came through with. The slow pace allows the listener to take in everything Rob is saying, and when the Cybermonk talks the Grey Children listen.

Overall this is a really dope collection of tracks, all with very different styles, but still feeling very cohesive. I am not sure when “Algorithm And Blues” is dropping but you can bet the Grey Children and everyone else in the 727 are gonna run it up heavy. Rob’s music is just another example of how Rob G inspires me and my fellow creatives that we don’t have to be boxed into one medium or lane. We are the Grey Children!

Foam Firepower

The team over at Balaclava Boys as been hard at work producing an arsenal of fire arm plushies made for any Jit to carry.

Village Hidden In The Drakeos

With prices and sizes ranging from $15 to $150 there is a piece for everyone. The plushies are multipurpose being able to be used in the field as well as for style. The homie Niiks already rocked a few of these exclusive pieces in his video for “Color Blind”.

Just wait on that $Grey bandito
Very Rvre

Also now available on the site are some exclusive 1 of 1 bags. My favorite has got to be the Arch bag, on some high art shit. The studio exclusive “Bandito Packs” might be my favorite bag in the entire line. Y’all any ready for that Prx Jit collab on that $Grey bandito, cause you know 1 of 1s are for the GOATS!

“Au Revoir” 👋

With the “Cowboy Party” happening this weekend I couldn’t think of a better time to pick up some gear on the site to rock at the function.

Party Like A Cowboy

To thank all of the supporters for all of the love over the past two years, the good people over at Cowboy By Takeo are giving back to the community with a “Cowboy Party”!

This poster goes brazy
📸 by Raggy47

The past year as been a brazy one for the entire team over at Cowboy, from the “Goods & Wares” aspect, to the next level stuff on Debop , the jean jackets, and even a game changing “Carry Your Adventure” collab with Balaclava Boys all culminating with an appearance on the “Bonfire Podcast” and their own tent at the Curated Heat “Curated Market”.


If that wasn’t enough to get you hype for the party the homie went ahead and dropped some sick Cowboy logo tees in various color ways. The Aqua 8s inspired piece as well as the studio exclusive black and blue color ways are gonna be must haves for the Jit, but you can’t go wrong with any Cowboy tee. There is also a few other studio exclusives available at the party so you definitely don’t wanna get caught sleeping.

Everyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy

So grab your holster and spurs and come on out to the 2nd Anniversary Cowboy Party. I am sure the rest of the BTMVLE Studio family will have product available as well as the homies at Balaclava Boys and Pollex World. Everyone that wears Cowboy gets into the event free, and vaccinated guests will receive a free drink. Like I keep telling y’all “Everyone That Wants Cowboy, Will Get Cowboy!”

This Ain’t No Strip Club

With summer on the horizon the homies at 2001 Odysey came through with one of the most essential collections of the season.

Shout out Turbo
813 vibes
High Art

The brand takes its stab on the trucker hat with a really dope black and white logo hat. 2001 always takes something to the next level, most trucker hats only have one logo and that’s it, but 2001 puts branding on all aspects of the hat, making it wearable for any style. I don’t think I have ever seen a quote put on the side of a hat like that.


The capsule also includes a shirt featuring the brands logo at the bottom right, as well as some other dope artwork placed throughout the shirt. The hits of blue add for a cool vibe. The eye image is my favorite touch of the entire piece.

Essential for the summer
Everything purple

Them hot ass days in sunny Tampa Bay, FLA make having a dope variety of shorts essential to Florida life. 2001 came through with two dope short pieces featuring the 2001 heart logo in a purple and red color way. I will personally end of picking both pieces but if I had to choose one it would fit sure be the purple.

Turbo and the rest of the 2001 Odysey team really went brazy for the summer, you know we gonna be holding the brand down in the 727 no doubt. Fingers crossed on the next REACH pop up happening soon since Jit missed out in February.