Support FLA Hip Hop Part 2

The High Tolerance Ent family did it again, putting on one of the dopest shows I’ve seen in a minute, bringing FLA Hip Hop legend Robb Bank$ to Tampa Bay!

Robb Bank$
📸 by Raggy47
Robb Bank$
📸 by Raggy47

Like I said on Episode 4 of the “Bonfire Podcast” with Raggy, I’ve been a fan of Robb since I was a Jit so I was gonna pull up to the show regardless. Robb’s set was brazy, he went all over the venue, jumping into the crowd and perching up on the stage. He didn’t play to many deep cuts but as long as he played “430 Kuban Doll” I was gonna be straight. It was really dope Robb showed love to everyone after the show on some set shit.

R.I.P. Jah
📸 Raggy47
Sunny Fritz
📸 by Raggy47

To honor the anniversary of X’s death the homies DJ Skum, Sunny Fritz, and baewxlff did a really dope tribute to Jah, playing only his songs as well has from the Members Only collective. Tampa definitely showed love and honored a FLA legend, the whole crowd threw an X up.

Trapland Pat
📸 by Raggy47

I wasn’t to familiar with Trapland Pat prior to the show but he was pretty dope. He is definitely on some Broward County/ South FlA Hip Hop shit, so you know we gonna support over here on the West Side of the state.

38bucci always kills it

The homie 38bucci had a really solid set as well, playing one of my favorite songs by “Elastic”. Lil UK went brazy during his set as well, having probably the most energetic stage presence I have seen in awhile, homie definitely knows how to rock a crowd.

Big FLA Shit
Made In REACH 🏕💯🙌🏽

My bruthers from REACH also pulled up to do a small pop up selling their latest 3 Year Anniversary collection, as well as an exclusive 2nd capsule of the “Testament” collection in a red and black color way. The homies did a small pop up for Robb earlier in the day at the store, with Robb pulling up to show love to the Bay Area.

These High Tolerance shows are definitely worth the drive across the bridge no bap! Fingers cross for that 727 show one day, I’ll bring the whole city out for that bitch. Can’t wait for the next show in August, I know for sure some of the homies from the burg will be in the building.

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