Bloom Woods

Over the past year iBOMS has become one of the most prolific faces of the St.Pete Art scene, on the closing day of his latest collection at D Gallerie I had to come through and document the greatness.


Jabari had been locked in the studio working on some of the pieces for this show. This latest collection taps into a lot of IBOMIAN trademarks like prescriptions, Exit Signs, blooms, birds, and don’t forget the bees.

Master Of My Seas

As of right now I am pretty confident this is my favorite piece Jabari has done. The arms surrounding Ashi are reminiscent of a shield power up in a video game. An artists needs protection from energy zappers. I would love to see a statue or mold of this piece one day.

To Love A Poltergeist

What’s it like to love a ghost? This piece is something else man. From the custom “Bloom Woods” box to the “R.I.P. Ashi” newspaper clippings. Once I understood the full meaning of the piece it became very relatable to me, bringing my connection with it to another level.

For Those Raised Like The Red Nose

Despite the darkness that surrounds Ashi, he is able to strive through it and make it through to the other side. I really dug the triangular aspect of this piece. Not sure if Jabari came up with this piece first before creating the masks but I am pretty sure we will see the masks pop up again in future works.

See You In The Rebirth

The innocence of a child. It’s always a vibe when iBOMS incorporates the sun into his pieces, bringing the gap between his realm and the normal realm. This time the exit sign makes an appearance in a graffiti style rather than just a sign.

Divine Prescription

This piece really brings all of Jabari’s work full circle. If you have a god given skill work at it and watch it grow, don’t let it drown and die amongst the algae. This time the exit signs and the rubber ducks fuse into floating observes above a prescription bottle formed figure. Within the darkness beauty can be found.


Whole Lotta Orange. I dig how this piece has a pop up book vibe with the cop car and figures off to the side. This piece is filled with IBOMIAN trademarks such as the blooms, HDA, clouds, and the exit sign. If Ashi is around there are bound to be some bees buzzing around the piece. I also peeped the hieroglyphic font turning the o in iBOMS to an x making it iBXMS, on some trill shit.


Congratulations to Jabari on this game changing collection. A majority of these pieces are some of my favorites in this phase of your career and the best part about it is this is only the beginning. Your work and the city are one, keep capturing life in St.Pete.

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