Imma Florida Jit

Building off of their game changing “Cigar City Champions” Devil Rays fitted, the homies at REACH are back applying that pressure with a fitted any “Florida Jit” can get behind.

Year Of The Jit

Inspired by just Jit activity in general as well as the Smokepurrp album with the same title, the fitted comes in two colors ways Black and Vice City Blue. Personally I am a die hard Rays fan and won’t rep any of their rival teams, but since the “Florida Marlins” don’t exist any more and I am Jit Camp it seems like a no brainer.

Puttem Up
The R is essential

The black is pretty much rockable with any fit. I like how the side embroidery pops more on the black, with small hits of pink, blue and green. Anytime REACH uses a hand or any grabbing image to signify the brand I think that is the dopest shit, similar to their game changing Air REACH campaign.

Vice City

The “Vice City Blue” is probably the most have one if I had to pick out of the two. The pink and blue together just hit different. Again I am in no way a Marlins fan but this fitted is so dope imma still pick it up no bap.

Overall amazing release as always from the homies over at REACH, every drop is a statement piece. Can’t wait to see the commercial they got lined up for the roll out featuring Smokepurrp, on some Florida shit. Big shout out to REACH for always holding down the Tampa Bay Area no matter what. Everything is Made In REACH!