Middle Finger WorldWide

Hinted at with the limited socks, now there is more FUKK EM WORLDWIDE available in REACH.

One angry sponge

The latest release from FUKK EM WORLDWIDE is the brands take on the Sponge Bob tee. This one has early 2000s nostalgia vibes for me. Back in the day every Jit in Tampa Bay had some sort of cartoon shirt with the character flexing money, I feel this is an ode to that.

Shout out Bam Margiela
Florida Jit

The collection comes in three color ways red,white, and black. Personally my favorite is the red and black tees because I am not the biggest fan of white shirts, but Jit upping his game. I really dig how the design fully embodies the motto of the brand. That β€œFresh Prince of Bel-Air” esque font in the flames is all the way live.

Gimmie the loot πŸ’°
Tampa Shit

It’s always really dope to see REACH showing love to the other brands out of Tampa. Who knows maybe one day we could see a 727 brand show up on the rack at REACH. All these other areas try to take our sauce, but if we stay unified the realest will remain. Big Tampa Bay shit!

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