Nothing Lasts Forever

On the “Love Dies Too EP”, Baewxlff brings a slugged Cloud Rap to the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene.


The airy vibe of Cloud Rap is something I have always felt Tampa Bay Hip Hop should tap into, especially since it’s my favorite sub genre. I really dig the more washed out synth vibes used on “Forever, Ever?”. The slugged out vocals are dope addition to the track. I could see this track being used in a Safdie Bros film.

“Muse” is a little bit more laid back than the first track. The vocals on this one have a little bit of a Lil Ugly Mane vibe, mixing the Trill with the Cloud.

“Pleasure” featuring Lil Scumbag is my favorite track on the project. The hook is for sure a standout. I would really love to see what Baewxlff & Lil Scumbag would do with a full project or small EP. The city needs a video for this one.

Baewxlff and Lil Scumbag run it back on “Cobain”, another standout joint on the project. This one is super slugged out, I really dug the middle portion on the track, the way Lil Scumbag pronounces “I” with that slugged out reverb added to it is a vibe for sure. Shout out to Sean.MP3.

“Off It” adds a little versatility to the album, with more upbeat production, but the vocals are still slugged out. The hook is really catchy and almost has an anthem vibe to it. If this shit came on at a show it would be lit for sure.

“everythingisgonnabealright“ featuring Cogi was a nice way to end out the project, with the most slugged out vocals we have heard so far. The final verse on the track was really inspiring. At the end of the day everything is gonna be alright!

Really love the Slug Rap & Cloud Rap elements Baewxlff is bringing to the scene. I am highly anticipating a full project or collab project from the homie. Would love to see him drop a brazy instrumental album on some Clams Casino “Rainforest EP” vibes. If your in Tampa definitely slide through to the Sound Gallery for any production or engineering needs the homies got you.