727 Classics Review: Crown Marquiss & Famous Kid Brick- Local Fame

There are moments in music when two of the biggest artists in the game join forces to create a classic. Whether it’s Jay & Ye on “Watch The Throne” or Drake and Future on “What A Time To Be Alive”. In my city of the 727 two St.Pete Hip Hop pioneers Crown Marquiss from Local Muzik and Famous Kid Brick from FAF join forces to create the classic “Local Fame”.


At this time in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene Brick was and still to this day was the biggest hit maker in the city, from classics like “I B Rollin” and “I’m On It” just to name a few. Crown and the rest of the Locals was taking over the city in their own right with immortal projects like “Live From The Southside” and the best visuals in the game courtesy of the $GREY GOAT Robert Gallardo. When FAF and Local Muzik come together it’s destined to be one of them ones.

The opening track “Woke Up” is for sure on some Local shit with the beat provided by old school Wiz regular Johnny Juliano. This was a great way to start the project with both Brick and Crown in their bag. Brick really went in on his verse and hook. A dope animation video for this track would have been a vibe back in the day. One of my favorite lines from Crown was “I’m shining like I’m embedded in Crest”!

The self titled track “Local Fame” is definitely one of them ones. I really dug how both Crown and Brick went back to back on the hook and then ripped their verses. This track reminds me of the way Jadakiss and Styles P would spit on a track but if it was on some 727 shit. Dis the anthem, dis the dis the anthem!!!!

“Brief Intermission” has both Brick and Crown on their spitter shit. No hook no bullshit, both of em went so brazy it’s hard to say who went in the hardest. It was a nice touch was how the the track went on the tempo of their flows went faster until the end.

When FAF and Local Muzik get in the building you know they had to do one for the ladies. “Make It Right” was a nice change of pace for the album at this point, after the barrage of bars.

“Sippin” featuring Traxx will still knock in the club to this day. Brick’s hooks always get stuck in your head and you’ll be singing them all at work and shit. Traxx was a really nice addition to the song adding in some streets shit.

“I Do This” is one of them old school dance records. I could see jits now making a jerk or dance video to this one. That tricks line Brick had was bonkers. I love hearing Crown on these more hype tracks it shows how versatile he can be.

“Hands Down” is my shit man. The best part is during like mid verse Crown will just say “Hands Down”. Brick comes through on the end of the track and does his thing. Brick had a cold ass line when he said “These Hoes trusting me and Crown like we running in the election”.

“Bass” is just on some flex shit. When you ride down Central Ave this shit needs to be on full blast so the whole city can feel the bass. Crown always has those wacky lines like “I’m a vampire but I eat garlic” that has you rollin, he’s always been on that abstract shit.

I really enjoyed how Brick and Crown changed up the hook with both of them on “Trickin Off” . This one is sort of like best of both worlds. You get the hard hitting verses from both emcees but then when they come together on the hook it’s still some anthem hype shit.

The final track on the project is produced by the legend himself Lil Keis “R.I.P”. Crown’s flow on “RNS” was brazy. I love the confidence in his delivery, you can really feel he knows he’s one of the best. Brick slowed down his verse as well so we can peep everything he is saying, on some FAF shit.

Almost a decade later and Brick and Crown are still two of the most revered artists not only in Tampa Bay but in the whole game. Local Muzik and FAF til you get annoyed.

Second Saturdays At The Factory: July Edition

One of my favorite monthly events in the St.Pete Area are the Second Saturday Art Walks hosted by The Factory St.Pete. Each month allows the artists that call The Factory home an opportunity to share what they have been working on recently or just have great conversations.


I didn’t get a chance to see this piece at last month’s Juneteenth event but shout out to The Factory for still having it showcased. Zulu Painter really did his thing with this one, it’s a collage on a grander scale.

LeRoy Land

It’s always a great time chatting it up with Lucky LeRoy on whatever theme he’s got going on in Leroy Land that Saturday. Leroy had many of his pieces showcased this month featuring his interpretation on Pop Art and the works of Andy Warhol. The Hugh Hefner piece as well as the Anna Nicole Smith piece are some of my favorites. With all that “Drip” talk in pop culture nowadays, LeRoy’s “Giuliani Drip” piece is definitely a splash.

Flawda Boy
ND Art Life

Jae The Creative had a couple of pieces on display, I really dug the “Flawda Boy” piece and her color pallet choice, the orange is a big vibe. ND Art Life also showcased a few pieces, he had on display for the Juneteenth event. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the Fairgrounds St.Pete.

Collages are mad slept on

Two of my favorite Second Saturday regulars are Fsquared Ceramics and The Nature Of Fire. Ashley had a couple new dope collage pieces on display. I love the goldish tint on her piece “… It’s From Within!” made with Stoneware clay. I enjoy the simplistic brush work Fsquared uses on some of his pieces, it gives off a calming feeling.

Happy Soul
3rd Eye Sharp

I have seen Myiah Pink’s art work at a couple of the $lugged $ound$ events held at the BTMVLE Studio but it was really dope to see everything come full circle. I remember telling her about The Factory a couple of months back and now her work is being shown there. Happy Soul is definitely a vibe.

Dying out west
Cloud talk
Summer vybz

Anytime my bruthers at Before The Storm Studio are doing a pop up or event you know Jit will be in the building. After the historic “Life In The Desert” fashion show at the Juneteenth event, the homies are back with a BTS logo tee as well as those must have shorts for the summer, you can never have to many comfortable shorts my g. Also available is the “Velocity” tote featuring one of my favorite cloud designs the gang has used thus far. These dudes are changing the game.

The Power of $2 Dollars

One of my favorite Florida based brands Second 2 None is teaming with Santana’s Foundation and they are “Happy 2 Help”. The brand is setting up a clothes and food drive on July 18 with all the proceeds going to help provinces in Lima, Perú get the basic necessities .

Come thru for a plate

Donations of clothing and canned food will be accepted at the event. If you donate 2 Winter Clothing items or 6 canned goods you will receive a free plate and drink of some authentic Peruvian food. Peruvian favorites like Ceviche and Papa A La Huancaína are all being served up by Kangie’s mom, so you know it’s the real deal. So pull up with your “Pangea” tote filled with canned goods.

2 Legit 2 Quit
Put a smile on your face

2 go along with the drive, Second 2 None is dropping 2 “Happy 2 Help” inspired pieces, a white tee featuring the “Happy 2 Help” smiley. A yellow tote is also being included in the drop. I would love to see an all yellow “Happy 2 Help” tee in the future. Lima, Perú is also featured under the design.

Money Spread
Cuddlin with tha paper

If that wasn’t enough pressure Second 2 None also just dropped the “Sponge Bob” tee featuring the motto “Fuck Money, Get Wealthy”. The OG sponge is also holding a fist full of Kangie $2 Dollars. If you don’t get this shirt 2 sizes 2 big than you ain’t doing it right.

Big shout out 2 Kangie, Second 2 None, & Santana’s Foundation for being here 2 help those in need.

Bloom Woods

Over the past year iBOMS has become one of the most prolific faces of the St.Pete Art scene, on the closing day of his latest collection at D Gallerie I had to come through and document the greatness.


Jabari had been locked in the studio working on some of the pieces for this show. This latest collection taps into a lot of IBOMIAN trademarks like prescriptions, Exit Signs, blooms, birds, and don’t forget the bees.

Master Of My Seas

As of right now I am pretty confident this is my favorite piece Jabari has done. The arms surrounding Ashi are reminiscent of a shield power up in a video game. An artists needs protection from energy zappers. I would love to see a statue or mold of this piece one day.

To Love A Poltergeist

What’s it like to love a ghost? This piece is something else man. From the custom “Bloom Woods” box to the “R.I.P. Ashi” newspaper clippings. Once I understood the full meaning of the piece it became very relatable to me, bringing my connection with it to another level.

For Those Raised Like The Red Nose

Despite the darkness that surrounds Ashi, he is able to strive through it and make it through to the other side. I really dug the triangular aspect of this piece. Not sure if Jabari came up with this piece first before creating the masks but I am pretty sure we will see the masks pop up again in future works.

See You In The Rebirth

The innocence of a child. It’s always a vibe when iBOMS incorporates the sun into his pieces, bringing the gap between his realm and the normal realm. This time the exit sign makes an appearance in a graffiti style rather than just a sign.

Divine Prescription

This piece really brings all of Jabari’s work full circle. If you have a god given skill work at it and watch it grow, don’t let it drown and die amongst the algae. This time the exit signs and the rubber ducks fuse into floating observes above a prescription bottle formed figure. Within the darkness beauty can be found.


Whole Lotta Orange. I dig how this piece has a pop up book vibe with the cop car and figures off to the side. This piece is filled with IBOMIAN trademarks such as the blooms, HDA, clouds, and the exit sign. If Ashi is around there are bound to be some bees buzzing around the piece. I also peeped the hieroglyphic font turning the o in iBOMS to an x making it iBXMS, on some trill shit.


Congratulations to Jabari on this game changing collection. A majority of these pieces are some of my favorites in this phase of your career and the best part about it is this is only the beginning. Your work and the city are one, keep capturing life in St.Pete.

Middle Finger WorldWide

Hinted at with the limited socks, now there is more FUKK EM WORLDWIDE available in REACH.

One angry sponge

The latest release from FUKK EM WORLDWIDE is the brands take on the Sponge Bob tee. This one has early 2000s nostalgia vibes for me. Back in the day every Jit in Tampa Bay had some sort of cartoon shirt with the character flexing money, I feel this is an ode to that.

Shout out Bam Margiela
Florida Jit

The collection comes in three color ways red,white, and black. Personally my favorite is the red and black tees because I am not the biggest fan of white shirts, but Jit upping his game. I really dig how the design fully embodies the motto of the brand. That “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” esque font in the flames is all the way live.

Gimmie the loot 💰
Tampa Shit

It’s always really dope to see REACH showing love to the other brands out of Tampa. Who knows maybe one day we could see a 727 brand show up on the rack at REACH. All these other areas try to take our sauce, but if we stay unified the realest will remain. Big Tampa Bay shit!

Jelly No Peanut Butter

Just when you thought they were done, the homies at REACH continue to apply pressure with a brand new “Flubber” esque, “Gel” collection.


The capsule is made up of two tees featuring the brand in a gel almost DNA style font. For me these have big summer vibes, almost feeling like some trippy “Woodstock Era” esthetic right out of “Dazed & Confused”. The capsule comes in two different color ways a white tee and a salmon tee.

Trippy vibes

Personally I am picking up both tees in the capsule, but my favorite has to be the “Salmon” color way. The green and pink font just hits different on that alt orange/pink. Definitely would be a great piece to rock to a festival or upcoming show.

Essential on the 4th

Just in time for the 4th, get your Red, White, and Blue on. This one has more of a cleaner look as well as fully capturing that “Americans” and seventies vibe. The homies really snapped on that font

REACH continues to dominate the game with every release. Like all of their drops, they are all very limited releases and will not be restocked any time soon, if ever. Everything is Made In REACH!

Barely Legal In The Burg

One of the most versatile groups in the entire Tampa Bay scene, Barely Legal is making its way over to Coastal Creative in sunny St.Pete for “Another Barely Legal Show”.


Building off the success of their latest project “Cybr” the group is out on tour and what better place for a show than Coastal Creative. I really dug The Neptune’s influence on their latest project. Can’t wait to hear tracks like “King Of The Hill” and “Flavor”. As soon as that “Creep” beat hits I’m gonna go nuts. They have a pretty rabid fan base so I know the whole 727 is pulling up to the show.

Mamba Mentality

Following up his “Kobe Day” celebration at the BTMVLE Studios, Jay Browne is ready to rip the stage, playing all your favorites and maybe event a couple exclusives for the St.Pete crowd. It’s all part of the plan!


While the entire TB Area is waiting on that “Pico” video a live performance from Frankie X will definitely hold us over. “Pico” is one of my favorite tracks of the year. Pretty sure he will play some joints off “Heartbreak Summer” as well. Big Outside World vibes.

MEL. The 8th is on some futuristic shit. Really hype to see his set, hopefully he plays some tracks off of “Following My Shadow”. If Mel. plays “Wasabi Bar Test” or “Crucified”, I feel the whole crowd will be drawn to his vibe, you really feel his music.


Anytime my bruther Cowboy is doing a pop up, you know I gotta come out and show love. He really snapped on that new Barely Legal X Cowboy By Takeo graphic, combining both worlds into one image. Rumor has it the graphic might make its way on a t shirt or two. Cowboy has a few other surprises in store so you don’t want to miss this event.


New Age Mafia will be doing a pop up at the show some stop by and pick up some dope product.


Landkiss and Night Air Clothing will also be in the building. Personally I am a big fan of everything she is doing with Night Air and their whole “Neo Vintage” vibe. Fingers crossed for a surprise “Pink Wax” performance. Also shout out to Outside Illz and the entire Outside World ENT family for everything they are doing across the bridge. Also shout out to 23 the manager and Duprey Studio Recordings.

It’s been a minute since we have had a big show in the burg, so let’s make this the start of something special, Big Tampa Bay vibes. Tickets are available now for $20.