Put That On My Set: Burg Day ‘21

Have you ever dreamt of a time when the city of St.Petersburg had its own day dedicated to all the great people that call the 727 home, well now thanks to DJ Don Roc and the entire $lugged $ound$ family we can now call 7/27 “Burg Day”, with this being the inaugural “Burg Day ‘21” held at the BTMVLE Studios.

The inaugural 727 Day 🏕💯🐌🍊
Sluggy the sluggiest

Don Roc has a whole week of events planned for the city from a pool party to a celebrity basketball tournament, but the cornerstone event is the Art & Fashion show going down on 7/27.


The one to thank for putting this all together is DJ Don Rock and the $lugg$. The love they truly have for the city is unmatched and I feel now is the right time for this event to happen with all the dope creators coming together to put on for the 727. Can’t wait to see what tracks Don Roc is spinning m, hopefully we can get a live performance from her as well.


DJ Knox has been holding down the Tampa Bay Area for years now, djing some of the biggest clubs and venues in the whole Bay Area. It seems like a no brainer for him to DJ the inaugural event, bringing that legendary status to the set list.

If I ain’t reppin CLP I’m reppin Zhu

Some of the major collectives in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene will be represented starting off with Zhudaru. I know for sure Acoupstix will be gracing the BTMVLE stage for the first time so I am hype to see him finally perform at the studio. Who knows what other Zhu members pull up but I am sure there will be a few surprises.

$evaw 📸 by Joey Clay
Grabba Gang General

Onlyonetwo will be representing the $evaw Wave$ family. He’s got a busy week ahead of him with his Bday party having later this weekend but either way, any performance from the homie is can’t miss. Hopefully Wrecka is in the building so they can perform that new song they have been teasing.

Pink Lemonade

Sean.MP3 and Pink Lemonade will be performing a futuristic set, repping 40BandCulture. I saw them perform at NLV summer fest and they went brazy, so I could only imagine what they would bring to this set. Can’t wait to see “Stop Talking” performed live.

Got my name off of $lugg Tvlk

Since the event is at home base you know the $lugg$ have got to rep the set. Hopefully we get a full “Good Fellas EP” live performance of the entire project that would be dope. I know the $lugg$ have been at the Zhudio recently so maybe we can get a sneak peek at a new joint.

$lugg Gxd$ II 🏕💯🐌🍊🙏🏽

The highly anticipated “$lugg Gxd$ II” from myself & Cvpi is dropping on 7/27. It would be really dope if we could do a small set to show love to all the legends that put on for the 727 and allow us to do what we do today. We really do this shit because of y’all. Take a $lugged out voyage through the history of St.Pete Hip Hop.

Local Muzik!!!!!!

I personally will be showing love and reppin Local Muzik the entire event but who knows what special guests might pull up to the event. Jit might have a couple surprises up his sleeve.

One of my favorite brands

Some of the biggest brands in the city will be on display at the event. Blxckamir will have a booth set up with their last few collections for sale. The “Self Love” hoodie and sweats are def a vibe.

Baddie Tingzzz
For on and off the court

Baddie Tingzzz will have a booth set up with a few of her latest pieces available for purchase. After all we all know it’s a baddies world.


Fetti Apparel will have a booth up showcasing their latest pieces. The shorts come in various different color ways. The way the Fetti logo hits on the shorts is simple but just enough to make a statement.

21st Century Cowboy

The pop up marathon continues for Cowboy By Takeo. Word on the street is black logo tees featuring red and blue will be available as well as a few of the other pieces you have come accustom to seeing at the last few Cowboy Pop Ups. Now is your chance to pick up some of the pieces you might have missed out on at the previous events. Everyone that wants Cowboy will be able to get Cowboy.

The Armory

The “Fuck Tha Feds” tees are going fast, and with the announcement of a black color way the demand is only gonna go up. Balaclava Boys will also be dropping a new piece as well that might be one of my favorite drops from them so far, this one is super limited so don’t sleep. Gun plushies will also be available so beef up your accessory game with the armory.

Whole Lotta $lugg
Florida Jit

$lugg gear will be available. A fresh batch of $lugg hats are available so don’t sleep, they are definitely a 727 statement piece. Not sure how man FL ID tees are available still but I am quite confident some “Burg Day 21’” merch will be for sale from $lugg.

Rico Painted It

Rico Painted It will be one of the visual artists showcasing his work. I love the themes he usually works in combining hip hop icons with cartoons was a really dope take. This new Tupac piece is the one he will have on display at “Burg Day” so pull up on the homie for sure.

The Abstract
NHO 🏕💯🦂

My brother Raheem the Abstract Poet will have a few of his pieces on display. Raheem is hands down one of my favorite artists in the city and no one is touching him when it comes to the collage work.

Before The Storm Studios on

Before The Storm will also be showcasing their art and clothing at the event. Chad, Laurent, and Raheem all have very different styles but when they form together as BTS Studios they be on some Voltron shit.

With so much dope talent in the building this no doubt will be the biggest event of the year. This being the inaugural event it will be a special one as well as the potential it has to become an annual event honoring and showcasing the 727s brightest and best.

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