Raspados 4L

Anita’s Raspados is bringing the traditional Mexican shaved ice dessert Raspados to the 727!

Located at 4443 54th Ave N.
Strawberry Sweet

The name raspados comes from the utensil used to shave the ice a raspar or shaver. The ice creates a cool refreshing sensation that doesn’t leave you full or sluggish like other cooler desserts. You can see why the delicious dessert is a staple at Mexican stores, markets, and street vendors as a great way to cool down on a hot day. Anita’s is the first location in the St.Petersburg Area serving traditional raspados

Strawberry and Pineapple are a perfect pair
Matcha Raspados anyone?

Anna the owner of Anita’s is using the freshest and healthiest ingredients to create the traditional flavors we all know and love like strawberry, mango, and pineapple, but she is also experimenting with some new flavors like the new Matcha raspados featured above. I would love to see maybe a strawberry kiwi or prickly pear flavor added to the menu or even as a special. With raspados the flavor combinations and additions are endless.

Mangonada is essential

Anita’s Raspados is planning a grand re opening on 7/15 to show the entire St.Petersburg community how special raspados can be for everyone. Anna and the rest of the family have been hard at work honing their craft in preparation for the event. So come out to Anita’s Raspados on 7/15 to cool down and enjoy a refreshing Raspados.