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Johnny Adama continues his dominance over the St.Pete/Tampa Bay Hip Hop landscape with his latest effect “Side Effects”.


The project starts off with a menacing piano beat that paints the picture of Johnny sitting in his mansion high above the rest of the game, despite dropping 3 previous projects this year Adama is always pushing the sound forward. I love how Adama flipped that Detroit Style trap beat into his own vibe. This one is on some Gotham City shit.

“Believe It” puts me right in that players ball vibe. This is my favorite hook on the project, I really dig the old school vibe and sample on the production. Despite it being an old school vibe the beat is still hard hitting.

“Long Range” featuring JT Skye is a straight banger. Following up off their joint from “The Adama Effect”, Skye & Adama are able to go bar for bar without getting caught up in the beat. The flows on this one are brazy.

Johnny flips so many different styles on this project. One of my standout joints is “Just Drugs” putting Adama in a futuristic/rager type sound. Once he starts performing live I would love to see this one in the set list.

“Doobie 1.0” is for all the smokers. Adama always has to have that one track everyone can roll up. My favorite line on the project is when Adama says “I design sound, I’m a stylist.” I would love to see Tjaru possibly end up on “Doobie 2.0” if it ever drops.

“It’s Up” has a more mellow beat but the barrage of 808s allow Johnny to just hit the beat with a brazy double time flow. It’s really dope how Johnny is able to change up his voice on a verse.

“Play Games” is just on some pimp shit. The hook on this one is a favorite for sure. If he ends up shooting a video for this one I would just shoot like a quick one of shots throughout the Zhudio.

Not sure if it’s the same producer but the track “Damn” sounds like it samples Adama’s previous track “Menu”. It elements like that, that put Adama ahead of everyone else, referencing projects from the past. This track has more of an introspective vibe describing Johnny’s daily routine. I really dug the more melodic vibes on the hook.

It’s a toss up what my favorite track on the album is for now but I am pretty confident in saying “I Digress” is that track. The atmospheric hard hitting beat and Johnny’s slow flow just create the perfect soundscape. There’s no hook on this joint either just straight bars. It was so dope how Johnny ended out the track simply by stating “I Digress” while the beat rides out. If I ever get to creative direct some visuals for Johnny this one and his track from “The Adama Effect” “The Last 1” would be the two videos I would like to bring to life.

With four flawless projects under his belt this year alone, there is no question in my mind that Johnny Adama is artist of the year. He just keeps one upping himself, pushing the sound and the entire St.Pete Hip Hop scene forward with his game changing projects. If you haven’t tapped in with Adama, “Side Effects” is a great place to start showing his versatility as an emcee. Album Of The Year!!