813 Essential Reviews: Lil UK- Overdrive

Combining elements of FLA Hip Hop, Grime, and UK Drill, Lil UK creates a new sound on “Overdrive” setting himself apart from the rest of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene.


The project kicks off “UKonsomeshit” with Lil UK on his FLA Underground shit. He just rips this Ronny J esque beat with the booming bass. Perfect way to kick off the project, yes he’s Lil UK but he’s still on some Florida Shit.

“Ends” is hands down one of my favorite tracks of all time. No one is doing Grime this well or even bringing the sound to the Tampa Bay Area. From the pronunciation of his lyrics to how he flows over the beats it’s straight Grime. Not sure who made this beat but it’s one of them ones for sure. The visuals from Dill35mm brings the track to life adding another element to the already iconic track. Don’t miss the Grime.

“Reflecting” is a track I could see on a sports video game or something like that. It’s a really dope track that shows Lil UK can hit ya with those melodic vocals when he wants.

“Too Much Rose” is one of my favorite joints off the project. The hook as well as the floaty beat all bring us into UK’s world. His flow on the actual bars portion of the track is very obscure but fits with the beat and structure of the track.

“Yesterday” is another standout track for me. I love the melancholic beat and flow from UK. The background vocals towards the end of the track where a nice touch adding to the atmospheric tone of the song.

“Don’t Let My Energy Die” is one of my favorite joints to see UK perform live. He always starts this track lying on the floor until the crowd gives him their energy to continue on with the track. The beat reminds me of something that would be on the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. Really dug the melodic vocals towards the middle and end of the track.

“Foot On Necks” is a straight banger! Lil UK is in savage mode, especially when he speeds up his flow around the midway point of the first verse. I really messed with the energy of this track, can’t wait to see him perform it live again.

“Birdman” ends out the project on some anthem shit. From the “Birdman” reference to the chant style hook this one was made to perform at shows, I could even see it as a closer to the show with the whole crowd yelling the hook.

Lil UK is one of my favorite artists out of the 813, definitely from a performance aspect during his live shows but also for the way he is able to incorporate so many styles and sounds while all making sense in his world. 727 def tap in with bro.

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