Last Week Of Summer

Kozyy8 takes us through the last week of summer in the burg on his debut project “Kozyy In The Summer Vol.1”.


The project kicks off with song of the year contender “Ice Cream Cake”. I got a sneak peek of the project and this was the one I was like “Bro you need to send me this joint” cause it was that fire. This is one of those rager tracks, having Kozyy8 on his rockstar shit. Whenever he’s ready I’m down to creative direct the video.

“Life Of The Party” is on some heartbreak Kozyy shit. The beat is still hard hitting despite the tone of the vocals. This one reminds me of that Tuesday night summer party vibe, where your just trying to hold onto that moment of summer forever and be with your summer fling.

“Bedrock” is one of those ride around in the whip, windows down. Kozyy8 perfectly captured that St.Pete summer beach vibe with the production. This one has that yeah it’s early but we still partying vibe.

“Pour Me Numb” is that pre game banger. We all at the party feelin ourselves to this one. The party just started but we already on 2. A lot of artists could go with this approach with the vocals but Kozyy8 never comes off corny despite the sing songy element on the songs. This one of them 1s.

“Fast Life” has that mid week vibe we’re you’ve been partying all summer and it’s finally catching up to you so your just cooling with the homies or your lady on a Wednesday. Really dug the more chilled out vibes on this one.

So after the rest day, “Ash On The Stove” will have you back on your bullshit. This one there is some elements of storytelling on this track that I really enjoyed. Would like to see what Kozyy8 would do with a full concept album. We need visuals for this one.

“Cabana Boys” is that beach party banger. Everyone’s out at the beach just vibing and Kozyy8 is providing the soundtrack. Tracks like this are very nostalgic for me, instantly transporting me back to my high school summer days.

“No Inconvenience” has a really dope guitar string beat that reminds me of the album cover. Shout out to Nicpencils for that brazy “Paper Mario” esque cover.

“Summer Fling” is on some heartbreak Kozyy8 shit. The hook is delivered flawlessly by Kozyy8 who is really shining with these vocals. This one has big end of summer vibes and fits the theme and tone of the project completely.

“Sun Up” is a little more fast paced than the previous track but the style and production still fits in with the album. This one paints the picture of Kozyy8 waking up after the long week he’s had and reflecting.

The lead single off the project is “Love Sick”, but despite the title the track still has a feel good vibe. Turning the bad into good despite being heartbroken Kozyy8 puts the pain into positive song. A dope little ride around video would be dope for this one as well.

On his debut project Kozyy8 has already proved himself as one of the top tier artists in the entire St.Pete and Tampa Bay Hip Hop scenes. Once he gets a few shows and videos under his belt it’s only a matter of time before homie is the resident rockstar of the scene.