Party Of Balloons

Boysenberry Clan representative Vonzell Sly steps out on his own to present a new sound to the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene on “Insomniac”.

Cover Art by Franks Been Dead

Vonzell hits you in the face off rips with “Crash The Party”. I really dig the alarm sounds in the hype adding to the state of emergency feel of the track. I would like to see a video for this one. I liked how Vonzell was able to match the energy of the track.

The sort of glitch hop vibes on “5 Dollaz” further dive into that party theme. Vonzell’ flow and vibe is crazy, I for sure hear elements of Danny Brown, Three Six Mafia, and even Tampa’s own Big Baby Scumbag.

“I Dont Give A Hoot” has Vonzell sounding in his element despite the more abstract glitchy production. The “Knuck If You Buck” sample was a nice touch, bringing together the Crunk element of the track.

“Uproar” featuring Johnny G is pure energy the track is short and sweet but that’s all you really need for this barrage of bars.

My favorite project on the project is “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” featuring Lil Devilman. The Amy Whinehouse sample was a really dope touch but I just love the way both Emcees sound so comfortable over the glitchy beat. Hype for the next BBC project.

“Kashkade” works as like a instrumental interlude to help split up the album. The electronic style beat still holds true to the theme and style of the project, without coming off as forced.

“Swagger” featuring Jay Smooth slows things down but it’s still a vibe. On this track everyone in the party is spinning in circle with 70s sun glasses on just snapping around the balloons.

Love the beat on “A Club In Jersey” is yet again another instrumental interlude but this one brings us back into the party.

“Gargoyles” featuring Key Boat 2300 on the hook was a dope addition, the sung hooks added in a new element to the project while still sticking to the party theme. The beat switch at the end was a dope touch.

“90210” is a really dope beat, the club mix esthetic plus the samples chose on the beat, might make it my favorite of the instrumentals on the project.

“Devil Wears Prada” featuring Baewxlff has big N.E.R.D. vibes for me. The feel good track has that after party vibe, especially with the interlude at the end.

Loved “Satisfaction” this one is definitely on some Trill shit. From the chopped and screwed element to the Soufien 3000 style production, this joint had me floating for sure.

“What’s For Dessert” was the perfect way to end out the project. Those menacing synths paired with the drowned out vocals brings the track up to another level.

Vonzell Sly is definitely onto something with “Insomniac”, the glitch hop and synth production meshes well with Sly’s Abstract Crunk style. I want to see Vonzell push this style forward because no one in Tampa Bay is really on this type of wave right now.

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