The Ultimate 727 Statement Piece.

The time has finally come my entire St.Pete family, the most anticipated slide in the whole game is now finally available at the Zhudaru1963 Shop.

Zhu to tha slides

Guaranteed to be the essential piece in all of 727 fashion culture, the slide comes in three color ways red, black, and what I call cactus. At first I was thinking red and black as the first pair I was going to pick up, but now that I look at them I am really feeling the cactus ones. Down the road I think I will end up getting all the pairs. I know for sure these are going to go quick, especially once the entire Zhu gets ahold of em.

Coziest socks in the game
Brought the Zhu to Amalie

While your at the shop I would highly recommend picking up a pair of the socks or a tank to complete the entire Zhu fit. The black and white socks are essential for the slides. They are by far the coziest socks in the game.

The man himself

Big shout out to Zhu for making these a reality. Everyone was asking for them including myself so head over to the Zhudaru and pick up your pair today!

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