Devil In A New Dye

Hunts Fabrications are taking their dying technique to another level, experimenting with all new fabrics, colors, and styles.

Smoker 💨

Since the last article Hunt has included name and sizing tags on each piece to acknowledge it’s 1 of 1 status. All the tags are hand signed by the man himself, with washing instructions on the back.

Muddy Love ❤️

“Muddy Love” comes in a size small featuring a mixture of Chocolate and Carmine Red. The hits of brown reference the mud while the red and pink hit straight to the heart. This one has a chocolate covered cherry vibe.

Sailors Delight🧜‍♀️

This mermaid inspired piece features the colors Magenta and Deep Purple. The white hits are reminiscent of mermaid scales bringing the whole theme of the piece together. Available in Medium.

Cotton Candy 🍭

This “Cotton Candy” piece in size XL is one of my favorites of the latest collection. Featuring the colors Turquoise and Raspberry. My favorite pieces are the ones that look like they have faces on them. At the lower left hand side it appears to be a KAWS esque face.

Lemon Zest 🍋 🍸

The pattern on this “Lemon Zest“ piece is not like most dyed pieces I have seen. I really dig the mix of Lemon Yellow and Jet Black to create sort of a silver electric vibe. This piece is available in a size medium.

Sierra Mist 🥤 🍋

I really love the crystallization effect on “Sierra Mist”. The Light Green and Medium Blue create almost an ice cube effect in the center. This piece is available in a size small.

Sherbert 🍧🍊🫐

This “Sherbert” piece might be my favorite of the whole collection. Combining three colors on this one piece, the colors Turquoise, Hot Pink, and Gold Yellow really come together to create something reminiscent to one of the lost underrated frozen desserts. This piece is now available in a size large.

Orange Creamsicle 🍊

Back at it with the three color technique, Hunt incorporated Brilliant Orange, Hot Pink, and Lemon Yellow to create the “Orange Creamsicle” effect. I dig how the colors blend to create a white effect for the cream. This piece is now available in a 3XL

Mood Swing 🧬 😃 😡 😈

“Mood Swing” might be the first jacket piece featured from Hunt but it’s definitely a game changer. Turquoise, Hot Pink, and Jet Black come together to create a mind melter of a piece. The purple effect that appears at certain points is a dope color explosion. Now available in a size 2XL.

Now Available In REACH 🏕💯🙌🏽

After this collection I know Hunt is bringing his technique to the Tank Top & Denim game so definitely keep it locked for that. Hit the homie up for commission work, I’d know he would love to make your Dye Dreams come true. Now available in REACH!

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