Hol Up Fukk Em!

One of my favorite brands in the entire Tampa Bay Area is Fukk Em Worldwide brings us back to the early 2000s with their latest “Baby Fukk” tee collection.

Keep It Trill

I really dig the take the brand did on the classic “Baby Milo” design. My favorite part about each drop from Fukk Em is they are able to always change things up while still staying true on the core elements of the brand, like off rips you know it’s Fukk Em! I personally will be picking up the purple and grey color ways for when I wanna be on my Trill shit or rep the grey gang.

Shout out my dawg Fat Geechie

You can’t go wrong with just a straight up white tee, so why not let people know it’s Fukk Em while your keepin it simple. This shirt was made 2 rock with a pair of white on whites.

Super Slimy

Red is always a vibe for me so I might have to pick this one up as well. I like the way “Baby Fukk” looks on the red tee, allowing his yellow hair to stand out.

In My Mind

This is my favorite release from Fukk Em Worldwide 2 date. They constantly kill it with each drop but for some reason this 1 was super nostalgic for me.We definitely need 2 see some “Baby Fukk” plushies drop after this release. Don’t sleep on this drop y’all cause once they gone they are gone.

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