Journey To The Seven Stars

Return to the 5th Dimension with the latest collection from 2001 Odysey.


The latest collection is made up of the brand new “7 Star” zip up hoodie, as well as the latest “Eyes To Lips” tee shirt in the black and white color ways. Despite being dropped a little earlier the extroverted 2001 Denim is the centerpiece/ statement piece of the entire collection.

7 Stars Zip Hoodie
Big Tampa Bay Shit

The brand new “7 Star” zip up hoodie features the 2001 branding on the front right side of the hoodie as well as the showcasing the star logo on the back. Since it’s grey gang all day this piece really stands out to me above other hoodie drops. I really dig the way the stars spell out 2001. The stars will reveal all.

Eyes to Lips
Enter the 5th dimension

Anytime 2001 Odysey incorporates eyes into their pieces they kill it. The “Eyes to Lips” tee comes in black and white color ways allowing for rockability with any fit. Who knows you might even see the black one on the “Bonfire Podcast” down the road. The piece fits very well with the entire theme of the collection, allowing you to rock a full 2001 fit if you layer it right.

The Devils In The Details

The 2001 Denim goes brazy. From the pockets to that 2001 button this is a definite statement piece. A lot of work goes into making these jeans and it definitely is showcased in the cuts as well as the detailed worked mentioned above. Been meaning to beef up my denim game lately and these jeans from 2001 are a great place to start.

Shout out Turbo

2001 Odysey keeps topping themselves with each collection. Each piece continues the story of the brand as well as fits in the elements established. Can’t wait for the next pop up at REACH and hopefully we can see some of these pieces making its way into the store very soon.

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