Jit Camp is on the front lines to cover and help spread the message of “No More Land” the project to stop homelessness through design. In this 3rd installment we take a look at some past designs in order to create a better future.

Nordic Nomadic Chair by Bjarke Frederiksen

This Nordic Nomadic Chair could be essential for anyone on their journey. It would allow a safe space to camp out for a big but I am not sure if it would be a sustainable shelter. Possibly if you were able to make a canopy feature it could be the one.

GAZIGOGODA aka The Carry Home
By Sejong University Students

The “Carry Home“ set by Sejong University Students is a really dope concept but I am sure how practical it would be on a journey. You would have to some how combine all the bags into one possibly like a Russian Doll effect.

Hat Shelter

These Hat Shelters are a step in the right direction for sure. If they were made of a sturdy material one could just use these as shelter during harsh conditions while on your journey. Possibly if you could fold up the at whole not in use it would take up less space allowing to be carried day to day.


These Selkbags would be nice in harsh weather elements but I am not sure how practical they would in hot weather. If you are able to shed of the layers as well as add in a breath ability feature these could definitely be a step in the right direction. Also they would need to be available in grey.

“Clothes” by Yoshiki Hishinuma (1986)

I am not sure how useful this would be in harsh elements but if you could combine the breath ability of this design with the selkbags you might be on to something.

Nomadic Furniture 3.0

I just love the minimalistic design of this furniture. If one was able to disassemble this into something like the Nordic Nomadic chair it would be a dope resting spot for someone on the journey. If you made a slimmer design it could even be used as a shelter depending on the material.

One Square Meter house by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

The concept of this one is definitely in the right direction. If you are able to combine these One Square Meter Houses with possibly a sleeping bag function they could be a step in the right direction. I am not sure how sustainable it would be in harsh conditions.

Hideaways by Rosalie Monod de Froideville

If somehow you made the design of this into a rain jacket material I feel it would be more practical. This would be best used in cold weather elements allowing one to stay safe and warm while being out in the open.

Parasite Emergency Homes by Mike Reyes

These Parasite Emergency Homes would be a great problem solver to give someone shelter as well as make use for abandoned buildings. I am not sure how you would regulate who and when the shelters could be occupied but it is a good way to turn something out of nothing. Maybe they could be used until someone gets back on their feet or just used as a rest stop for the night while on the journey.

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