Sage The Fox- Genesis Album Review

On “Genesis” Sage The Fox catapults himself at the top of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop Scene, incorporating a darker soundscape that mirrors Sage’s environment.


Sage brings the fire off rips with the intro track “Genesis”. I love the dark atmospheric production, it’s the perfect pair for the dark lyrics Sage spits. One of my favorite lines on this one was “Put a toe on your tag” for some reason that one just kept getting stuck in my head. A great way to start off the project.

Really dig the menacing piano on “Hateful 8”. This track is a little less aggressive than the first but Sage is still talkin that shit. This track has potential to be the next anthem against haters. Sage went brazy with that “Lemonade mix with my lean so simply” line. That pimp walk line went hard as well.

“Grease Monkey” is for all the ragers. That weird anime sound in the background of the beat is some next level shit. For me Sage sounds like he’s in a dystopian world or like something out of “Ghost In The Shell”. The $lugged out beat switch in the middle of the track was a nice touch adding in that Trill element to the already cloudy beat. The video for this joint brings it to another level so peep that for sure.

“Jesse Owens” slows things down a bit, showing the range Sage possesses. I really dig the theme of “runnin it up” connected with Jesse Owens. Again the cloudy atmospheric production is my vibe for sure. I really dug that whisper flow Sage used in the middle of the track.

“Usain Bolt” featuring Remyflows brings a different vibe to the project, more of a triumphant sound. The beat starts off slowly and then finally kicks it which was a really dope element of the track. The hook on this joint is a vibe incorporating so many sounds and vocals.

“Monica Lewinsky” might be my favorite track on the project. From the spaced out cloudy beat to the various flow switch ups throughout the song this one of them ones. This one of them joints you just ride out 2. Would love to see this as the next video for the project.

“Klassic” is on some other shit. From the way the beat goes up and down to the out of this world “Steppin on the beat” hook from Sage. It kinda has that weird Island vibe but if the island was in space or the clouds.

The vocals on “Penny Hardaway” are delivered very well and don’t come off corny. Sage’s flow on this one is flawless, always switching up with the highs and lows off the beat. It was also dope how he flipped Haradaway. I enjoyed how Sage just let the beat ride out at the end of the track.

“Florida Home” featuring Tokyo Blacc is on some big Florida shit. The ripples in the beat make it sound even more spaced out but it’s still mad hard hitting. Whenever the beat goes a little bit harder Sage is always able to match it with his flow and delivery. Tokyo Blacc also did his thing adding in double time flow to his verse. “Ok I’m reloaded!!!!”

“Black Wall Street” is on that angelic shit. This beat sounds like Sage is surround by an all white light but he’s still in all black. I would definitely like to see what Sage would do over some NY Drill production.

The project ends with “SI” which has a little bit more of a club vibe. This is just one of those feel good joints. Despite the darker tone of the project, it was a really dope choice to end out on a sunnier note. This that shit you just jam while your smokin on the beach with your shawty and homies. Mission complete.

“Genesis” is one of my favorite projects of the year. This darker cloudier sound I feel is the necessary evolution of FLA Underground Hip Hop which as of late has been having a renaissance in the Tampa Bay Area due to artists like Sage.Can’t wait to see what’s next from the fox and the rest of the Darkaire family.

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