The Cowboy & The Dog Hunter

Cowboy By Takeo teams up with Tattoo Artist Doghunter3k to create a tattoo inspired collab tee and splash sheet just screaming to get inked on skin.


Cowboy and Doghunter3k came together and drew up images containing elements that fit each artists style and themes. To me it’s almost like if you put Trigun into a “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” situation but from the world of Cowboy By Takeo.

Fear & Loathing In Tampa Bay
Cowboy By Takeo X Doghunter3k

The front of the tee features the images from the splash sheet. The back features the Cowboy By Takeo X Doghunter3k logo. Only 24 shirts have been made available, making this a rare gem for all the Cowboy collectors.

Made to be inked
Au Revoir 👋

Each pieces includes a copy of the splash sheet that inspired the collab. I really dig all the new accessories featured in the sheet like the cigs. The Bounty Hunter motif is always a place I wanted to see Cowboy enter, on some bandit shit. All the images are ready to be tattooed or mixed and matched to your liking.

Like I mentioned before this collab is limited to 24 pieces total. Everyone that wants Cowboy will be able to get Cowboy.

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