Yung Muji- True Harmony

Following up his massive bilingual hit song “Oyasumi”, Yung Muji teams up with Teen Slug to drop his debut album “True Harmony”.


The intro track “President Muji” sets the tone for the style and sound of the rest of the album. The cloudy and digital sounding production provided by Teen Slug pairs great with Muji’s flow and delivery. I can’t wait to see the visuals for this track, it’s my favorite on the project.

Hitting the listener with back to back pressure “Pearls” is the next joint. I love Muji’s confidence on the track, just flexing on everybody. Teen Slug killed it on the beat adding in that spaced out vibes. The visuals for this track are pretty dope as well so check out the video.

Things get a little more hype on “Right Now” wok others dudes getting mad at Muji for taking their lady. The atmospheric beat and thumping bass from Teen Slug make this one a certified banger.

“Forever” was a nice change of pace after the more braggadocious tracks previously. The vocals from Muji add to the layered beat from Teen Slug.

The beat for “In My Zone” might be my favorite. The “Yung Muji Comeback” is essential. Muji nailed the cloudy vibe of the project but especially on this track. You really feel like your in the clouds smoking with Muji and Slug.

You already know Muji had to do one repping the home town. I really mess with Muji’s rhyme scheme on this joint. He floats over the whimsical beat from Teen Slug. Muji always puts the 813 on his back not only in his music but in his movement. Shout out eightonethree,

Muji hits us with the double time flow on the intergalactic “Starfox”. Fans of the classic Nintendo game with instantly recognize the Fox references. This real red dot music.

The project ends with the more mellow track “Growing”. I feel this track really puts the album into perspective. Coming off such a huge song like “Oyasumi”, who knew what direction Muji was going to go in but he for sure has should growth and solidified himself as the future of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene.

“True Harmony” is one of my favorite projects of the year. From Muji’s presence on the mic to Teen Slug ushering in a new wave of production, I can’t wait to see what the duo has next up their sleeve. You already know it’s Grey Gang.

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