Vinny Virgø & pigsonvinyl- Thank You For The Inconvenience

After a stay in LA, Vinny Virgø returns home on “Thank You For The Inconvenience”, sharing his experiences from the West Coast over the past few years.

🏕💯 ♍️

The project starts off with “Real World (intro)”. A very introspective track, I dig the somber melancholic beat provided by pigsonvinyl, which allows you to fully grasp what Vinny is putting down. Despite a couple road blocks, Vinny takes the good with every inconvenience that comes his way. This track works like a prologue for the project.

On “These Days” Vinny describes his struggle with trying to do good has him talking more with God on which path to take. The beat really kicks in around the mid way point with some really heavenly backing vocals. The interlude that follows the track gives Vinny some perspective on what good his music really brings to the world.

“Skin Tone” takes a look at race and how the color of your skin plays a role in your social climb. I really dig the bass that makes up most of the beat. Really solid track.

“Coming For Me” is one of my favorite joints off the album. The wonky futuristic beat from pigsonvinyl sets up a really dope soundscape for Vinny to play in. The demons are coming for Vinny but he is strong enough to over come it.

“Peak” featuring Rukhsana Merrise has my heart. Big west coast vibes on this one. I dig the feel good vibes of the track, as well as the vocals from Merrise are a highlight. Definitely need to check out more of her work.

“Bayside/30 Seconds To Mars” his a very dope track. The way the beat starts off on the “Bayside” portion with the mesh of fast and chopped and screwed elements creates a dope juxtaposition. Things slow down on the later half of the track, with a really chilled out beat.

“Juxtaposition” featuring Mick Jenkins is jazzy as hell. All the Bucs references from Vinny show that even in his West Coast state of mind it’s still Tampa Bay all day. Mick Jenkins was a solid feature, nice to see him on the album. Brady on the boat vibes.

“Dame Dash” is on some DOOM shit. Hands down my favorite beat on the project, and possibly my favorite hook. We need a video for this joint, I see a lot of potential.

“Feel a Way” is a nice change up stylistically on the project. Vinny’s vocals are really strong, you can really feel the emotion. The psychedic guitar on the beat bring it all together.

“When I’m Awake” has some really dope airy production. I could see this track being featured in a Netflix show or in a film. Vinny’s approached to the vocals was very unexpected, but it fit the track well.

“That’s Life (interlude)” is a vibe for sure. Vinny transports the listener to the “Coco Bongo”.

Vinny is no slouch when it comes to the bars and “Dreams” is proof. The melancholic beat is more uplifting than somber, it’s actually quite epic. One of my favorite tracks on the album. Don’t let people kill your dreams.

“Bones” slows things back down with some hard hitting drums. The backing vocals on the beat are really solid. The haunting elements behind the production create a surreal soundscape. Vinny’s passion for music is so strong he can feel it in his bones.

“Sideways” refers back to the intro track, with Vinny reflecting on self love. I really dig the message of this record. I like how every song has a purpose on this album, with it all connecting from the beginning to the end.

Coming back to the “Coco Bongo”, the track feels like a bonus joint, with Vinny even stating, “This the bonus scene after the credits”. Crazy bar fest on this one, I really dig all the film references. We need the next album to be a concept about the “Coco Bongo” and the people that work there. Great way to end out the project.

Vinny Virgø came back to Tampa Bay strong with this “Thank You For The Inconvenience”. The concept and themes touched on are not really being highlighted nowadays, especially the self love aspect. I hope to see some visuals for the project drop soon to tie it all together. Vinny is one of the first Tampa artists I started covering on the site, so really dope to see his growth.

Onlyonetwo- Air EP

With the highly anticipated “Black Alchemist” album dropping on 2/22/22, Onlyonetwo continues to dabble with the elements on “Air EP”.


Out of all the element projects so far I feel “Air” is the most hit friendly installment of the series. That’s not to say the other ones don’t have hits on em, it’s just every track on this project I could hear on the radio or in some sort of mainstream context. But since Two is such a versatile artist they don’t come off as forced or gimmicky, it’s all fire.

The project starts off with “Blinded Soul”. The guitar rift on the beat has sort of an Australian instrumentation vibe to it. In the track Two describes his blinded love for a woman that doesn’t really share the same love. Two’s track dealing with love and troubled relationships always come off as very relatable, Two’s loved it so he’s just sharing his own experiences.

“South Side Baby” is destined to become a 727 Classic. I could easily see this being played around the city on repeat. Brett Phillips needs this to be his walk out music at some Rays games this year, on some big 727 shit. The accompanying visuals for this track really put it over the top.

“Eazy” snuck up on me. That opening line and hook will get stuck in your head for days, randomly having you like “Give the bitch payback”. I could definitely see this in “Madden” or some sports commercial, bro got something special on his hands with this joint. Again bro understand stands the importance of having visuals for your songs, with the “Eazy” video taking the song to another realm.

If “Fire” and “Earth” didn’t have you hype for “Black Alchemist” than “Air” will seal the deal. Not sure what sound Onlyonetwo is going for on the next project, but I can assure you it will change the game.

Team 666

The enigmatic Goth Sport Online, unleashes it’s first drop onto the world with this brand new “Team 666” warm up tee and the super limited “Oversized Uniform” hoodie.

Power of the pentagram

The purple and red color way on the front of the tee has a “Black Sabbith” vibe to it that is very on brand, not necessarily in the font choice but color choice. That Goth Sport logo featured on the back to the tee let’s everyone know your reppin “GSI”. An ad campaign or commercial would be really dope for this drop.


This one is a statement piece right here. Not something that personally fits in my wardrobe but I love the look and vibe of this piece. I could definitely see a couple of my favorite artists rocking this on stage or for a photo shoot. The first piece to unveil the “Hell On Earth” collection, I am sure these will go quick once the full drop is released.

I am not to familiar with Goth Sport Online, but I really dig the vibe they are putting down. There is definitely a place for them in the Florida/ Tampa Bay Scene, so I am for sure looking for big things out of the brand in 2022.

Collective Spotlight: Darkaire

With so many great creatives in the Tampa Bay Area, I decided to start a series taking a look at some of the dopest collectives that make up the scene. To kick things off I am spotlighting Darkaire, a crew whose eclectic sound sets them apart from the rest of the scene.


Sage The Fox has got to be a top 5 emcee between both sides of the bay. Projects like “Genesis” as well as a slew of shows including his own show last year have added to Sage’s rise. His latest EP “Take A Risk” is getting heavy play in the streets, leading the way for his next full length effort.


THX, The production duo comprised of AJ Peterson and The Dreadful Doctor, help build the sound of the collective, especially with placements on “Genesis as well as a project of their own. I am really hype to see what the duos next project sounds like as well as what other placements they get outside of the crew.

🏕💯 🐸

Tall Paul Baby stays bringing them hits. With a more light hearted vibe, tracks like “Fuck Em We Ball” and “At The Bends” have become street classics. That’s not to say Paul can’t come with the bars, like on my personal favorite “Young Man”.


Open Culture, AJ Peterson’s other project when he isn’t doing solo work, is making some of the best lo fi rock in the area. Whether it’s their debut project “Blue” or their latest effort “Ataraxia”, the group is really making their own lane in the scene. With rumors of their next project dropping soon, hopefully fans can get some visuals off “Ataraxia” to hold us over until the next release.

With groups like Dyingoutsouth and others adding into the vide at various events and pop ups, it appears Darkaire is here to stay, doing it their way and not caring if you ain’t with it. Who do y’all want to see as the next collective featured on “Collective Spotlight”.

No PFP Is The Only PFP

With about 3/4 of the collection minted and over 4 ETH traded on Opensea, Robert Gallardo’s “No PFP Collection” is gaining steam , becoming some of the most sought after tokens in the space. Here’s a look at some of the tokens I own, and why I picked them up.


Despite being the first “Anti PFP Project”, there are still tiers of rarity within the collection, setting other pieces apart from the general ones. At the end of the day I still pick up the pieces that I feel will become sought after either now or down the road, but I still have to enjoy the piece for my own personal reasons to add it to the collection. For example “No PFP #0092” features the Apple Logo, I am a user of Apple products but I am not tied to the brand, so for the right offer I might be down to let this one go.


One that would be pretty tough for me to move off of is my “No PFP #0366”. The crash test dummy vibe is reminiscent of the “Testing” album roll out that is still synonymous with A$AP Rocky to this day. The fact that Gallardo was so hands on with that roll out makes the piece even more special, like a nod back to his past work. Gotta come with that crypto bag if you want this one.


Now to the super rare. I was tracking this one all day once it was minted, and to my surprise I was able to nab “No PFP 0522” in the wee hours of the morning. The caped crusader vibes, plus the full picture scene sets this token apart from the others. With the new film dropping this summer, you already know the price going up.


Despite it being a “Anti PFP Project”, the “No PFP” community is strong. With the rumored grey No PFP sweater being teased out by the grey GOAT himself, it’s only a matter of time before all the members are wearing their token. The future is looking $GREY indeed, the proof is in the pudding!

Too Cozy

Straight out the cauldron, birthed from the Trill principles of the A$AP Mob and the Florida Underground Scene, Prx Jit pronounced “Pro Jit”, is staking it’s claim as the first Trillwear brand with their inaugural “Cozy Duffle” 1 of 1 piece and accompanying ad campaign, an ode to A$AP Yams and everything he embodied.

Keep it Jit

Before the official t shirts drop, the brand wanted to take a different approach with their inaugural release with this 1 of 1 commissioned “Cozy Duffle”, crafted by Cowboy By Takeo and Moose In The Burg. The purple and red exterior are the brands primary colors also featuring hits of the new “Prx Jit” logo, also commissioned by Takeo. You already know “Everything Is Purple”. The “Cozy” fur interior sets this piece amongst the rest, furthering the homage to Yams, we “Too Cozy”.

“Cozy Duffle”

To accompany the launch of Prx Jit as well as tell the story of the “Cozy Duffle”, the brand released the “Cozy Duffle” ad on New Years Eve. An ode to the old school “A.L.I.E.N.” commercial featured in the “Yams Day 2021” video. The track “Basket Case” by DangerDoom sets the vibe.

The set up
The Prx Jit

Starting Takeo as the “Prx Jit”, Landkiss sees the “Cozy Duffle” at the drop site, while the Prx Jit comes onto the scene. Unseen by the Prx Jit, Landkiss waves over, alerting a hoard of goons waiting in the wings.

Goons at ya neck

Armed with bats, the goons emerge with one things on their mind, securing the “Cozy Duffle” and putting the beat down on the jit.

Bag Secure
“Get Em”

The Prx Jit secures the bag first and makes a run for it. With a head start our hero is able to dart past his attackers with bag in hand.

Straight out the cauldron

With the “Keep It Jit” drop already announced, who knows what visuals will accompany that drop as well as what else the team behind Prx Jit will unleash upon the burg. Just remember kids “Keep It Jit”.


With the objective to “HeelDaWrld”, Heel is hitting the ring swinging, with their inaugural collection.


Off rips, I really dig what Heel is bringing to the community, many people are doing custom or repurposed jeans, but the story Heel is trying to tell adds in a little more flavor.

Round 1
Heel or Face

What I feel will become a staple of Heel, these repurposed jeans feature the Heel branding on the front, with the quote “Good People Copy, Great People Heel”. Once these get a couple placements in the scene it’s game over. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattering” is what they used to say, but this new phrase from Heel hits different.

3 Ks

The “3 Ks” tee only comes in this white color way so far, but I feel this allows the Heel name tag to show off more as well as focus attention to the guns. I really mess with that “Hello my name is Heel” branding, definitely could see that on a hat very soon. Really solid first release.

My Name Is

No release date has been announced for the drop as of yet, but at Jit Camp we come to the fight early. I can only imagine what other ad concepts as well as additions to the collection will continue to be teased out over the next couple weeks, keep it locked for more up dates as we slowly “HeelDaWrld!”.

Class Is In Session

Second2None Academy teases out their debut collection “Back 2 School” which of course is slated to drop on 2/22/22.

🏕💯 💵

Building for a new future 2gether, the idea is to create a space to make learning actually fun, challenging the current limitations of the education system.

Photos by Garcia Quintero

In the teaser ad, we get a glimpse at the official “Second2None Academy” tees in that green color way. Shorts are rumored to be apart of the drop but some old school gym shorts would be a dope combo for when it’s Recess.


Enrollment is now open, sign up for that to be the first in line on 2/22/22, when the drop goes live. The possibilities are endless for Second2None Academy,m. It’s going to be really special once actual classes begin and knowledge is passed, furthering the future of the $2 bill.

Sage The Fox- Take A Risk EP

Darkaire’s own Sage The Fox gives fans a small taste of what’s to come on his latest project “Take A Risk”.

🏕 💯🦊 ⚡️

The project starts out with the cloudy synth track “Risky Business”. I can definitely see this joint getting thrown into the live set, it will get the crowd hype out the gate. The way the beat breaks down on the hook is really dope, plus Sage stays switching up his flows from track to track.

“Drak” is the anthem. We def need a video from Goodjobadult to accompany this banger. I could totally see this track on a fighting video game like Tekken or something. I dig how short and sweet this one is. The part where the beat disappears is very dope, giving Sage’s bars center stage.

“Language Arts” puts Sage on his melodic shit. Since the project is called “Take A Risk” I feel the more sing songy elements are Sage’s attempt at that, and he nails it for sure, doing it his way, while not coming off as corny. Great way to end the project.

With “Genesis” being one of my favorite projects of 2021, “Take A Risk” is more than enough to hold me over until the next full project from Sage The Fox. Big shout out to The Darkaire family as well, y’all are really killing it with the movement.

Midwest Mona Lisa

Nate Guenther and Robert Gallardo have collabed on a brand new NFT collection titled “Midwest Mona Lisa”, combining their love for photography and the Mona Lisa concept.

🏕💯 🖼

The 11 piece collection features portraits of Nate’s friends from Indiana, striking the Mona Lisa pose. Gallardo has touched on the “Mona Lisa” concept on a few of his other projects like the “User Interface Collection” and his latest “No PFP” collection.


I really dig the concept of photographs being NFTs. I have seen some of my favorite photographers mint some of their best work on Opensea in collection form. Say the image becomes iconic, this now allows the owner of the NFT as well as the creator of the pieces to benefit from posters and prints being created in its likeness to the masses.


It was interesting to see all male models being used, creating the “Mona Lisa” pose in their own image. The side by side contrasting photos are a really dope touch, coming off as a before and after shots.

With the pieces going for .11 ETH or about $300, these are no brainer for any supporter of Gallardo and Nate. It’s not often that you can pick up a photo piece or collab piece from Gallardo so I feel these will become very rare down the road. WEB3 is definitely an interesting place, changing the way we all curate and collect as humans.