Onlyonetwo- Aether

The Black Alchemist Onlyonetwo ascends to a higher plain after mastering the fifth element “Aether”.

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Aether the fifth element is the material that fills the region of the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere. After dropping one of my favorite albums of the year, I knew Two wasn’t going to pull any punches, on this one he’s coming for heads, and bringing the homies along with him.

“Magic (Heka)” was the perfect intro for the project. Of rips we know Two isn’t playing, his flow is so cold on this one, you can feel the confidence in every bar. Not many people can make memorable hooks for their own track but Two does it every time with ease. That Rey Mysterio line was a stand out. It would be dope to see a video for this joint.

“2 Much 2 Lose” slows things down a bit, but Two is still talking that talk. The hook on this one might be one of my favorites Two has done to date. Those piano keys on the beat are slamming, adding to the jiggy vibe of the track. Two puts us onto game at the end of the song.

“Months” featuring Big Mochino is a song you can just ride out to. The wavy production is hard hitting, yet ethereal. Big Mochino pulls up on the track, adding some gravitas with that money talk. This is my favorite beat on the whole production, the high energy gives off an anthem vibe on the hook.

“Sphinx Talk” brings back the piano, but on a more somber vibe. Two speeds up his flow a tad on the track but he rides the beat either way. The hook is my favorite part of the song, especially when that guitar kicks in the background.

“What’s Real” takes us through Two’s life, discussing the people in his life that gave him the foundation he continues to this day. Bro always keeps it real in his raps, unlike most of the people in the game.

The homie Jha Asjawn comes through on “Street Pain”, holding his own with Onlyonetwo. You can really hear Two’s emotion on the hook, allowing the listener to connect more with the song. Many other of Two’s projects feature a lot of guitar but this project is more piano based.

“Gossip” brings thing a bit to the dark side, with Two dealing with falling in love with demons and fake homies. That Unkle Luc line was so fire. Two just sounds so focused on this joint, it’s straight bars, pretty much going no hook until the end of the track.

“Don’t Hurt Me” has Two on his vulnerable side, something he hasn’t been shy to speak about on tracks, but this time it sounds like it’s coming from a place of real loss. The little splash of reggae vibes gives the song a bit of an island vibe to it, which could come off corny if not executed right but Two nails it.

“Wanted” featuring the homie W R E C K A is one of my favorite tracks off the project. I dig the more down under style of guitar production. There’s always mad quotables when W R E C K A shows up on a track. That goblet line of the hook is a memorable one for sure.

The project ends on a dark note with “Altercation”. The song could either be about an internal altercation with one’s self or a physical person. People be nosey as hell, so I can definitely relate with Two on this track. Two has been through hard times before, and he always comes out on top, even stronger than before.

Onlyonetwo continues to showcase why he is the premier emcee not only on the Tampa Bay Hip Hop side of things, but in the entire game. Who else is dropping their best work to date and the following it up with another full project of bangers right after. With a few months still left in the year, I am sure Two isn’t done applying that pressure just yet.

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