Six of Tampa Bays top designers come together under one roof for the “THRESHOLD” fashion exhibition at The Factory, featuring Pollex World, LittleBull4U, Cowboy By Takeo, Muse By Pablo, Garbäj Clothing, and Made By Moose.

Enter The Void

Threshold- The Place or point of entering or beginning. Despite doing game chaining work in the past, all the designers are stepping up their game to push the boundaries of their art even forward.

Check out the color scheme

LittleBull4U always brings top tier cuts and fabrics to her design. Many of the pieces have that nomad vibe to them, allowing them to be worn in all climates and situations. If the tease of the color schemes Candice will be using in the show doesn’t get you hype, seeing them in the flesh will.

21st Century Cowboy

Cowboy By Takeo has been on one heck of a run so far in 2022, from dream collabs to the Somewhere Store retail space, fam is on it. I know the homie has been working hard on some signature pieces for the show.

Team Glock

Moose as been going crazy with the jewelry as of late, but don’t get it twisted he can’t still whip up a whole fit from scratch. I am curious to see how his jewelry will be incorporated into the show, as well as how the models rock the pieces.

In Pollex We Trust

Pollex World always brings us comfort with their designs. It always seems to be just what we need without us even knowing it at the time. Besides the pieces I am hype to see what Pollex brings as far as their presentation goes.

Follow the Orbs

The good people over at Garbäj Clothing will be blessing us with some brand new designs of their own. I missed the last Garbäj show that was held over at Coastal some time ago but I will be front and center for this experience.


It’s been a minute since Muse By Pablo has done a fashion show, brining expectations through the roof. They got the short game on lock but I am excited to see what new cuts and pieces the dynamic duo brings to the show.


Sounds will be curated by the one and only DJ Donnie Luv. Donnie has been in her bag as of late dropping her own live mixes as well as $lugg Mixes here and there. She set the vibe at the last LittleBull4U event, and I expect this to be no different.


Lucky Tigre will be in the building, mixing up some game changing food combinations that will have your pallet drooling for more. I know they try to make a curated menu to match each event they are at but I know if Takeo had anything to say about it that Okonomiyaki will be on the menu.


What more can I say this is some big energy right here! The fact that all these amazing designers will all be under one room is an achievement in itself. There’s no way you can bitch about Tampa Bay not having a thriving fashion scene with events like this being meticulously executed. Pick up your tickets today and catch me in VIP on 9/17 at The Factory from 5-10 p.m.

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