Give Me The Green Light: On The Rocks.

This week Green Light Cinema was able to get their hands on the “Apple TV Exclusive” film “On The Rocks”, yet again teaming together director Sofia Coppola and actor Bill Murray since 2003s “Lost In Translation”.

“Lost In Translation” is one of the classic “Dramedy” films of the mid 2000s.

In “On The Rocks” Sofia Coppola takes a step back in a stylistic aspect but is still able to deliver one of the best “Dramedies” in the last few years. Bill Murray was spot on in this film, delivering one of this best performances in years, yet again playing a father figure type role. Rashida Jones holds her own, sticking with Murray’s deadpan style. Marlon Wayans plays Jones’s husband in the film, who sort of works as a macguffin or plot device to get the story going.

One could say the film is about a father and daughter trying to uncover a possible cheating husband, but as “On The Rocks” goes on it becomes about the relationship between Bill Murray and Rashida Jones.

Fans of Coppola’s work might not dig this one or feel it’s a lighter entry in her cannon compared to “Virgin Suicides” and “Marie Antoinette” but still definitely worth watching. Grade: 4/5

Next week Green Light will be showing the highly anticipated film “Ammonite” starring Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet.

Give Me The Green Light: Halloween Edition.

Green Light Cinema brought the fright this weekend with two classic Horror Films on the slate.

First up was the immortal classic “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock. Having seen the film numerous times it was a no brainer to catch the film on the big screen again. Classic movies just hit different in a cinema as opposed to Blu Ray. Things I picked up on this viewing was just how technically well done the film was made. During the shower scene the knife doesn’t actually touch Janet Lee, the viewers imagination puts it all together. The final reveal at the end was ahead of its time on a psychological level, setting up the viewer for repeat viewings.

“An American Werewolf In London” was the second featured film of the weekend. This one was actually a blind spot for me. If you have seen a John Landis film before you can definitely see his fingerprints all over this one. The Rick Baker effects put this one over the top will still to this day the best werewolf transformation scene of all time. The comedic elements worked for the most part and a quick run time always helps with sort of a limited script, after the initial transformation there isn’t much you can do. I enjoyed how dark the ending of the film was, following a trend of post “The Exorcist” Horror films that went for dark endings. This one is not an all time favorite but glad I checked it off the list.

I hope this opens the door for not only more classic horror films but just classic films in general being showed at Green Light, fingers crossed for 8 1/2. Next weekend Green Light will be showing the newest film from Sofia Coppola “On The Rocks” starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones.

Give Me The Green Light: “Possessor”.

This week Green Light Cinema brings us “Possessor Uncut” the second film from the heir to the Body Horror throne Brandon Cronenberg.

This was my first foray into the work Brandon Cronenberg, but I am very familiar with his father David Cronenberg’s work, most notably “Videodrome” and “Eastern Promises”. I have heard things about Brandon’s first feature “Antiviral” starring Jared Leto, after seeing “Possessor” I will definitely need to give that one a shot.

Although I wouldn’t technically call this a Body Horror film it definitely deals with similar themes and motifs. Andrea Riseborough plays an assassin that has the ability to go into another persons body, basically controlling them. Brain damage and loss of consciousness can all be factors when this sort of fusion is done.

The strong points of the film are when Cronenberg uses nightmarish imagery of flesh melting and Riseborough screaming in dim lit shots. The lynchian imagery was just enough to not make the film feel over the top . Gore hounds will definitely feel right at home with some of the best kill scenes I’ve witnessed in years Mx

The film can feel cold at times which may put off some people, the only characters you really care about are Riseborough and Jennifer Jason Leigh but overall this is a really solid film. 4/5 Campfires

Next up, Green Light will be showing 2020’s “Shithouse”.

Give Me The Green Light: “12 Hour Shift”.

In the midst of October, Green Light Cinema brought us one of the most unique cult films I have seen in years with 2020’s “12 Hour Shift.”

At first the film plays out as a dark comedy about a drug addict nurse clocking in for her 12 hour shift, oh yeah she also sells the organs of her dead patients on the black market. This added horror element allows the film to go off the rails without losing me totally as a viewer. The only time the film lost me was this one singing montage moment that felt really out of place. The Mick Foley appearance was really dope as well.

Angela Bettis was really solid in the lead role. The standout for me was Chloe Farnsworth who played Bettis’s cooky cousin by marriage.

So far Green Light is two for two with their lineup. This weeks film comes from the heir to the Body Horror throne Brandon Cronenberg with his 2020 film “Possessor”.

Give Me The Green Light: “The Nest”

With Green Light Cinema having its opening weekend I had to come out and support the growing cinephile scene in the 727.

“The Nest” and “12 Hour Shift” are the first two films on the slate.

I was hoping to see some classic art house flicks but Green Light is really off to a great start with their opening film “The Nest”. Director Sean Durkin known for his 2011 film “Martha Marcy May Marleane” brings us a new kind of family drama with “The Nest”. Durkin shoots and sets the film up with such a sense of dread that at times it has a horror vibe. Jude Law is always on the top of his game but for me the standout of the film is Carrie Coon. As the film goes on she begins to smoke more and more cigarettes portraying to the viewer her state of mind after her family is moved across the pond.

They aren’t recliners but I’ll take it.

From a theater aspect I feel it is the perfect setting for a local art house theater. Parking is close by which is always a plus and concessions are on hand before and during each showing. The picture and sound quality was top notch, as well as theater temperature not being to cold or to hot. The seats don’t recline but they also don’t hurt my ass like some of these big chain seats do.

I am looking forward to attending Green Light at least once a week. I feel the film choices will take me out of my comfort zone, opening me up to the vast reaches of the cinematic landscape I have yet to conquer.

The Burg Finally Gets The Green Light.

After months of waiting St.Pete is finally getting its own Art House Cinema. Located on 221 2nd Ave North, The Green Light Cinema will be opening it’s doors for the first time this week end, with three showings Friday through Sunday 2 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 9:15 p.m.

The inaugural film at Green Light will be one of the latest offerings from IFC “The Nest”. Jude Law stars in this 2020 family drama which should be a great start to build the Green Light audience. I think it is a good choice to start with a more current film before the theater rolls out the classics.

I plan on catching one of the showings this weekend. There is definitely a place in St.Pete for an Art House Cinema scene, making Green Light Cinema a St.Pete Cinephiles Church.