Party Like A Cowboy Part Deux.

To show love to the community after reaching 1,000 followers on IG, the good people over at Cowboy By Takeo are throwing a Cowboy Party 2.


Cowboy knows how to throw a party whether is the Pourin up some Cowboy Lemonade or just vibing with the dope tunes and vendors. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A Dynamic Duo

T.Couture is back on the 1s & 2s playing all your favorites as well as dropping some new joints on the audience. DJ Don Roc will also be jamming a set, so y’all better be ready for some $lugg shit.


Fresh of their collab with Doghunter3k, the homie will be pulling up and doing live tattoos featured from the sketch sheet that inspired the collaboration. Collab tees will also be available in a limited run so don’t sleep.


A special guest duo has been rumored to be performing at the party. Word on the street is they have a St.Pete Hip Hop classic under their belt, as well as a love for slugged music.

Don’t forget to pick up a Cowboy Party 2 shirt to commemorate this historic event. Everyone wearing Cowboy gets in free! Y’all already know the drill anyone that wants Cowboy will be able to get Cowboy, so pull up on gang.

The Cowboy & The Dog Hunter

Cowboy By Takeo teams up with Tattoo Artist Doghunter3k to create a tattoo inspired collab tee and splash sheet just screaming to get inked on skin.


Cowboy and Doghunter3k came together and drew up images containing elements that fit each artists style and themes. To me it’s almost like if you put Trigun into a “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” situation but from the world of Cowboy By Takeo.

Fear & Loathing In Tampa Bay
Cowboy By Takeo X Doghunter3k

The front of the tee features the images from the splash sheet. The back features the Cowboy By Takeo X Doghunter3k logo. Only 24 shirts have been made available, making this a rare gem for all the Cowboy collectors.

Made to be inked
Au Revoir 👋

Each pieces includes a copy of the splash sheet that inspired the collab. I really dig all the new accessories featured in the sheet like the cigs. The Bounty Hunter motif is always a place I wanted to see Cowboy enter, on some bandit shit. All the images are ready to be tattooed or mixed and matched to your liking.

Like I mentioned before this collab is limited to 24 pieces total. Everyone that wants Cowboy will be able to get Cowboy.

Cowboy X DEPOP: Tha Re Up

We take it back where my love for Cowboy By Takeo began, on the DEPOP page. The homie is dropping all the one of one statement pieces on here, for the true fashion sommeliers. Here’s a feature on a few of the pieces available in the shop.


Known for their Cowboy Ink splattered jean jacket statement pieces, Cowboy By Takeo flip the concept by adding the technique to pants. The vintage reworked denim is layered with a colorful pastel ink which are then in an over for multiple sessions, allowing each layer of color to pop, everything is done in house.

Whole Lotta Yella

Love the yellow hits on these Classic Levis 511 straight denim are a total vibe. I am pretty sure the yellow jean jacket is my favorite jacket piece so this feels like a companion to that. Anytime the Cowboy logo is incorporated even in small hits I’m sold. Shout out to Balaclava Boys and Fuck Tha Feds. I like how the ink almost looks like distressing.

Blowin Minds

Really dig the logo hits on the front of these Dickie carpenter denim. The ink work on the back pockets is brazy and really the centerpiece of the pants. The blue, pink, and green color splashes surprisingly work really well.

Sun Burst

The whole front of the canvas is used on this piece, coming off like an exploding sun with orange, red, and white hits. No Cowboy branding on these but the minimalism works well on this one.

Whole Lotta Cowboy
The pocket work

From no logos to a whole gang of Cowboys. These Levi carpenter denim jeans might be my favorite piece of this latest drop from Cowboy. The color work on the back pockets reminds me of a graffiti wall tagged by Cowboy.

Kaleidoscope Cowboy

I really dig how the Cowboy logo looks in white especially surrounded by the barrage of colors Cowboy implements on these vintage Levis 501. I would love to see Cowboy possibly flip this approach onto tees.

Rainy Dayz

The color drip at the top of these Levis 517 reminds me of rain that would appear on a painting but the whole idea takes another form when it’s splashed on vintage denim. For some reasons these joints remind me of NY and now I wanna bump “Hardknock” by Joey Bada$$.

Cowboy Le Fleur
Devils in the details
Next level distressing

These reworked Levi 501 capris are some next level shit. The homies at Cowboy incorporated hand embroidered flowers into the piece, brining the detail work to the next level. The pattern going down the sides of each leg is a dope touch that one might not notice on first glance.

Jackpot 💰
Au Revoir 👋

That dollar sign just hits different on these Carhartt blue jeans. One of my favorite touches Cowboy does is whenever he used a big splash of different colors he always incorporates a little white to make the whole picture pop.

Hit up the Cowboy By Takeo Depop site for all of these pieces. Commissions are always welcome so bring your ideas to life. After this insane collection of denim jeans I hope an anticipated denim collab is in reach.

Party Like A Cowboy

To thank all of the supporters for all of the love over the past two years, the good people over at Cowboy By Takeo are giving back to the community with a “Cowboy Party”!

This poster goes brazy
📸 by Raggy47

The past year as been a brazy one for the entire team over at Cowboy, from the “Goods & Wares” aspect, to the next level stuff on Debop , the jean jackets, and even a game changing “Carry Your Adventure” collab with Balaclava Boys all culminating with an appearance on the “Bonfire Podcast” and their own tent at the Curated Heat “Curated Market”.


If that wasn’t enough to get you hype for the party the homie went ahead and dropped some sick Cowboy logo tees in various color ways. The Aqua 8s inspired piece as well as the studio exclusive black and blue color ways are gonna be must haves for the Jit, but you can’t go wrong with any Cowboy tee. There is also a few other studio exclusives available at the party so you definitely don’t wanna get caught sleeping.

Everyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy

So grab your holster and spurs and come on out to the 2nd Anniversary Cowboy Party. I am sure the rest of the BTMVLE Studio family will have product available as well as the homies at Balaclava Boys and Pollex World. Everyone that wears Cowboy gets into the event free, and vaccinated guests will receive a free drink. Like I keep telling y’all “Everyone That Wants Cowboy, Will Get Cowboy!”

Curated Market: May Edition

With two insanely successful “Curated Markets” under their belts, the homies from Curated Heat are back for the newest installment of the vintage market pop up series, per usual the vendors list is stacked with some familiar and new faces.

Despite being the ones curating and hosting the event, the Curated Heat crew will be bringing some fire to their booth this month. I know for sure Frank will have some exclusives and new product on display, fingers crossed on a dope old school film piece.

Prop in the house

Fresh off a successful “Drip Con”, Proper Jones is ready to bring some brazy product to this months “Curated Market”. I am sure he stashed away some exclusives he’s been waiting to drop on everyone, but patience is the key. At months event he came through with some insane wrestling pieces, fingers crossed on some old school ECW gear!

Drip or Drown

Someone I also look for on the vendors list is @selvagemchic. Her tent set up is always so welcoming and she is bound to have some next level custom pieces available. Who knows what kind of hidden gems she didn’t roll out for “Drip Con”, that she will unveil at the “Curated Market”.

Carry Your Adventure
The Armory
The Bandito Pouch is Very Rvre

Fresh off their appearance on the Bonfire Podcast and sick commercial, Takeo & Moose are bringing in the big guns for the “Curated Market”. Plenty of “Carry Your Adventure” bags will be on display as well as product from both of the homies. I am so hype to see the new Aqua logo tees Cowboy has been hinting at, as well as the rouges gallery of fire arm plushies Moose has been cranking over the past few weeks. Pretty sure TK is brining out some of the statement piece “Cowboy Jean Jackets” he has been working on as of late, but the only way to find out is to pull up on the homies and show love, tell em a Jit sent ya!

Shout Out “Oh Yeah Creamery”
We need another REACH collab A$AP!!

I tried Matt’s Fat Cookies at the first “Curated Market” and have been raving about them ever since. They had me at the “C.R.E.A.M.” Wu cookies but after I got through half of a birthday cake cookie I was sold. Fingers crossed on another REACH collab/ Pop Up, Jit is highly anticipating that one. Maybe we will even see an exclusive “Curated Market” cookie on the table.

With such a stacked and versatile vendors line up, it’s safe to say this is the biggest “Curated Market” to date, being on Memorial Day Sunday might add in to the excitement as well. Big shout out to Curated Heat for putting these events on and helping build the culture in the Tampa Bay Area, but especially in Jit’s home, in the sunny 727.

BTMVLE Is The Foundation

Over the past year or so the The BTMVLE studio has grown into one of the dopest spots for just mad creation. Whether it’s hosting Slugg Nite$ events or housing the numerous brands, each representing their own style and take on the culture, BTMVLE is the foundation!

🏕💯🗿🌎 🤠 🐊 😈 🐌
This ain’t no Swamp People
Biker jackets going brazy

Taking time away from just doing outside work, the BTMVLE team has been building towards some big FLA themed pieces to have all the jits ready for beach season. I’ve seen some sneak peaks of the all embroidered gator biker vest, which is definitely an essential piece for any FLA rider.

Capi Flvcko
Jit$ Never Wxrry
New Choppa New Choppa

Just when you thought the Cowboy By Takeo X Balaclava Boys collab was done they come at you with some of the dopest plushies I have seen in a minute. Every Jit in Pinellas county is gonna want one of these fire arm plushies. These are all hand made in house at the studio. My personal favorite is the yellow choppa.

Bandito pouch might be my favorite in the line up
Carry Your Adventure 📸 by Snorlaxguerrero

The newest addition to the Cowboy By Takeo X Balaclava Boys lineup is the “Bandito Pouch”. After seeing the entire squad rock them at the NLB 3 year anniversary pop up, I was kind of sold on these being my favorite bag in the line up. Tons of new colors are available and the homies are always open to help create a custom bag for you for the right price.

Statement Piece
21st Century Cowboy

The latest splatter jean jacket collection from Cowboy By Takeo are some museum worthy pieces. Each piece has its own flavor, but my personal favorite has got to be the yellow one. Really hype to see what Cowboy will bring to a black jean jacket.

Everyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy 📸 by jpg_jack

That red and yellow Cowboy logo tee is one of my favorite pieces I own. What makes Cowboy By Takeo logo tees so special are their ability to be worn in any situation or in any setting, whether it’s casual or a little more dressy, anyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy.

A master at work
Lostboy vibes

One of the newest collaborators to come through the studio is Lost Boy. Bringing a darker more metal vibe to design, I really dig all the recent jean work Lost Boy has been doing lately, especially that collab with Cowboy. The tag work on all of his shirts is really dope, adding in leather hits when it feels right on a certain piece.

These Demon Boy plushies are essential for any fan of the brand. The handmade factor of each piece is what I admire the most.


After infecting everyone with a few drops earlier in the year it’s only a matter of time before Pollex World takes over full control of your system. Soon you will be rocking Pollex without even knowing it, almost like a uniform.

Keep it locked to the site for all the amazing work coming out of the BTMVLE Studio.

Carry Your Adventure!

Everyone that wants a bag will get a bag.

After a slew of teasers and a t shirt drop, the homies at Cowboy By Takeo & Balaclava Boys are back with possibly the biggest drop of the year from both brands.

All I need is some drugs and some woods for my nest.

The collection is made up of various designer bags showcasing the Cowboy By Takeo X Balaclava Boys logo with the “Carry Your Adventure” theme. The look book done by Dex Q highlights every piece in the collection. Each bag is available in three different color ways Tan, Green, and Cordura. The first piece “Full Circle” is a side bag small enough to not be a burden, while still allowing for major storage. The perfect match for stashing your woods and lighter.

Might be my favorite piece of the entire collection.

For those of you that need a little more space for your product, I would suggest the “Trapsack”. This adjustable backpack is essential for all them road warriors rolling down 275. This is the perfect middle ground piece, not to big and not to small.

Might have found a new travel bag.

If your looking for more of a smaller side bag I would recommend the “Sidekick”. This piece is your right hand man. Perfect for holding a small amount of gear, this side bag is your go to for quick trips around the burg.

Might have found a new laptop bag.

The homies made this laptop bag piece for all the content creators. The “Courier” is essential for any creative on the go. Sometimes we need a little more power than our phone, carry around your laptop and other gear with this piece when your in the daily battle of creating content.

So simple yet so high class.

One of the smaller pieces in the collection is “Au Revoir”. With this padded case it’s never been easier to carry around your medicine and other goodies. The Cowboy Goods And Wares grinder was pretty much made to stash in the case.

The ultimate statement piece.
With this top notch quality, your bag ain’t going nowhere.

Now for the centerpiece of the entire collection “Cache N’ Stache”. I remember when Takeo first showed me this piece I was blown away. This duffle bag piece is something you can’t just get anywhere. From sports gear, to your entire Balaclava Boys collection, you can pretty much fit anything in this duffle. This feature brings the “Create Your Adventure” theme to the forefront. The adjustable strap is a really dope feature, not often seen with other designer duffles.

The homies out of BTMVLE got you covered for all your custom embroidery needs.
Super easy to order and shipping is mad quick.

If some how you are able to get the entire collection your are a certified legend. The homies Takeo and Moose really brought their craft to the next level. I love how they are able to evolve as creators while still staying true to both of their brands. Stay locked to Jit Camp for all the dope product coming out of the shop from BTMVLE, Cowboy By Takeo, & Balaclava Boys.